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Raja Petra: How could BNM miss RM2.6b?

PETALING JAYA, April 7 — Raja Petra Kamaruddin has asked why Bank Negara did not take action against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak three years ago when the RM2.6 billion was first transferred into his personal bank account.

He said Bank Negara must have known about the transfer as even a small amount like RM100,000 brought into the country would not have gone unnoticed or undetected.

“Did the prime minister smuggle the money in hard cash in containers and not declare the amount to Bank Negara? Or was the money openly transferred through regular or normal channels into Najib’s account?” he asked in a post on his blog, The Corridors Of Power.

“If it is the latter, then did Bank Negara not know about it? We are talking about RM2.6 billion. It happened three years ago and why did Bank Negara not block it or take action three years ago?

“Is it because Bank Negara was informed about it and was in the know and actually approved it three years ago? And if so, then why today pretend they were not aware and are blur and do not know what is going on?” 

The blog was hacked on Tuesday after a post on his questions was uploaded but it was up and running after about an hour when Raja Petra changed its server through another country.

“I suspect that was the article that had the anti-Najib people going after me by hacking my server so that readers cannot read it,” he said.

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