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Statement in respond to Mositun's call for ISA

By Fredoline Edwin Lojingki
PENAMPANG : PBS call for the reintroduction of draconian law Internal Security Act (ISA) while the same abusive Umno is still in power is shocking, and is in total disregard to Prime Minister's Naib Razak and Parliament's findings that ISA was out-dated.

PBS secretary-general Johnny Mositun must be out of his mind calling for ISA to be reintroduced in Malaysia, or it could be that Mositun is under the spell of Dr Mahathir Mohamad and other Malay ultras who had been calling for ISA to be reintroduced.

As a veteran activist in Sabah at the age of 74, i myself felt ashamed that PBS could come up with such drastic suggestion to use ISA-like law to rein in dissenting voices of the masses, including on conversation via the internet.

Didn't PBS president and Mositun see how ISA was abused in recent years to keep a regime in power and to thwart any opposition to Umno-led Federal Government?

Are they not aware that the same political party that abused it only recently is still running the federal government? 

Now Mositun and PBS must explain to Sabahans why the sudden change in PBS tune. Is the party now totally under the control of Umno?

Of all parties, why must PBS come up and lead with such stupid proposal. Does it have to do with one's position and getting favour from those who really wanted ISA back for them to abuse once more time?

Anyway, many PBS own members are disappointed at Mositun's call, and that PBS could be now finding excuses to save its own face.

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