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D.O. Should Not Play Politics With Excuses

Kota Kinabalu: “It is a sad day for the civil service when the District Officer tried to play politics to justify his refusal to open up the Batu Sumpah monument on Malaysia with excuses and lies. It may be better that he ask to be transferred out of Keningau to protect the good name of the Sabah civil service” said Dr. Jeffrey in response to the so-called explanation of the District Officer that STAR Sabah applied to hold the Malaysia Day commemoration service.

“If the District Officer wish to recall, I applied for permission as the State Assemblyman for Bingkor and the request was not made under STAR Sabah party as alleged by the D.O.” stressed Dr. Jeffrey.

It is only right that the commemoration service be held on Malaysia Day itself even if it is a public holiday. The D.O.’s excuse that it was a public holiday and the event cannot be held as such is absurd.

If he still think this reason is right, then he should advise the federal and Sabah governments not to celebrate Merdeka since 31 August is a public holiday.

The Batu Sumpah monument belongs to the people and it should be accessible to the public at all times. If properly organized, it can even be a tourist attraction the whole year round.

As for the wild allegations of damage to government properties, it is unwarranted and totally baseless.

Each year for the past many years, his predecessors have allowed commemoration events to be held at the Batu Sumpah on Malaysia Day and no untoward incidents had happened before.

‘I would have let the matter rest but felt compelled to respond to the D.O. to put the facts right as the public ought to be told the truth not some misplaced excuses” added Dr. Jeffrey.

As for the official ceremony, it is up to the authorities but it would have been more appropriate if it had been held on Malaysia Day itself. If they think they are right, they might as well celebrate the Merdeka Day on 1st January or some other advance date other than the actual date.

As for the allegations and threats against him, it is not right for the accusations and threats to be made as the missing key words were removed much earlier, before his tenure as D.O. In any event, since the Batu Sumpah monument is under his care and responsibility, the D.O. should take steps to investigate the matter and identify the culprits involved and to bring them before the law.

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