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Anwar then summoned Azmin who admitted that he had, in fact, received the ‘election contribution’, which he did not declare not because he wanted to sailang the money but because it was illegal and the party’s candidates would get disqualified if the Election Commission (SPR) found out.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
Axed PKNS staff claim MB ignored corruption
(Malaysiakini) – A number of axed Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS) contract staff want the menteri besar to explain why cases of corruption and disciplinary matters referred to him were never acted on.
Former PKNS Holdings’ Marketing Division head Alif Aiman said in a statement on behalf of the group that former PKNS general manager Othman Omar had in 2011 and 2012 informed Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim himself about  the cases.
Alif was referring to Khalid’s statement yesterday that part of the reason behind the termination of more than 20 staff of the PKNS subsidiary was based on complaints from PKNS “whistleblowers”.
Alif questioned whether PKNS was aware of the fact that the ‘whistleblowers’, who he claimed to be two PKNS officers, were allegedly being investigated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).
“The ludicrous allegations from non-credible whistleblowers were taken action upon swiftly, without carrying out the necessary investigations fairly and impartially.
“At the same time, the many disciplinary issues and corruption cases implicated on these whistleblowers were shut with no further action. Talk about a transparent and accountable government,” the statement reads.
Aside from the allegations on corruption, the group also wants Khalid to:
1. Explain the roles played by his own press secretary Arfa Aziz and former political secretary and current MB Incorporated CEO Faekah Husin in the termination, along with the new PKNS general manager Azlan Alifiah, deputy GM Noraidah Yusof and chairperson Norazlina Zakaria;
2. Explain the true reasons behind the sudden termination of the contract staff;
3. Explain why the termination of services were not done according to procedures and due process;
4. Explain when there had been any political recommendation from any PKNS board member or politician on the appointment of the contract staff;
5. Reveal the full content of the corporate restructuring report that recommended the dismissal of the contract staff; and
6. Reveal the detailed costs of employing the staff concerned and their travelling claims, and compare that with the PKNS’ breakdown costs on the same.
No, you do not need to apologise to me. The fact that many of you are sitting in front of your computer in stunned silence is a good enough apology for me. I know you are speechless and do not know what to say. And for sure you are not going to say, “Fuck me! Raja Petra Kamarudin was right all along!”
Malaysians have huge egos. The way some Malaysian Chinese talk about how worried they are that the Kajang Malays would be tricked (hence they are stupid) into voting for Barisan Nasional and how worried they are that the Kajang Indians would be bought (hence they are crooked) and would vote Barisan Nasional demonstrates that the Chinese pandang rendah the Malays and Indians.
And surely those who pandang rendah the other races are not going to apologise. The most they would say is, “So what! Barisan Nasional is far worse. Pakatan Rakyat is not as bad as Barisan Nasional. And you cannot expect 100% corruption-free. If 50% also that is good enough to support Pakatan Rakyat.”
Back in late-2010 when I first revealed the shenanigans in the Pakatan Rakyat run Selangor State Government, plus the shenanigans in the various state agencies and/or GLCs, plus also in the Local Councils in Selangor, the first response from you people (plus those in Pakatan Rakyat) was that I had turned, I had been bought over, I am now a turncoat, and whatnot.
The only reason I revealed these shenanigans is because I had been paid to do so and for no other reason other than that, you losers said.
Then, in early 2011, after the whacking you people gave me, I went on TV to repeat everything I had said earlier and you all gave me that same treatment and vilified me to kingdom come.
And do you know what? Now those people who said all those nasty things about me are the same people who are saying nasty things about each other and are accusing each other of all sorts of shenanigans. And, meanwhile, the rest of you remain as quiet as church mice as if Anwar Ibrahim’s dick is stuck deep down your throat.
But hold on. This is not over yet. This is just the beginning. After this, in the run-up to the Kajang by-election, I am going to reveal more and more and supported with all sorts of documentary evidence as well.
In the meantime, why don’t you ask Anwar Ibrahim to reveal all those documentary evidence that he is hiding in his underwear that the Chinese businessman gave him regarding how much money he had paid Azmin Ali in return for certain ‘favours’.
And the reason this Chinese businessman went to Anwar to complain and to hand him the evidence is because he was pissed that after paying the money he did not get those ‘favours’ as promised and as what he paid for.
Anwar then summoned Azmin who admitted that he had, in fact, received the ‘election contribution’, which he did not declare not because he wanted to sailang the money but because it was illegal and the party’s candidates would get disqualified if the Election Commission (SPR) found out.
Azmin then explained that he could not deliver the ‘favours’ to the Chinese businessman because Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim was blocking all his moves.
And that was when Anwar and Azmin decided that Khalid has to be removed.
Stay tuned for more, which is going to knock your knickers off.

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