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Are Sabah BN Leaders Brave Borneo Patriots Like Taib? - Dr. Jeffrey

Kota Kinabalu:“Pehin Sri Taib has spoken and has set the benchmark for patriots of Sabah and Sarawak to follow in his footsteps.  Well-spoken as a true Sarawak/Borneo patriot.   Will Sabah BN leaders prove themselves to be brave Borneo patriots looking after and protecting the interests of Sabah and Sabahans or remain as proxies and stooges of Kuala Lumpur?”asked Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, STAR Sabah Chief, commenting on the Sarawak CM’s statement that his successor should ensure Umno and its brand of racially divisive politics is kept out of Sarawak andto vigorously protect the state's rights as spelled out in the Malaysia Agreement 1963.
The Umno Baru of today since 1988/89 is not the old Umno of Tunku Abdul Rahman’s days.  The virtues, principles and benevolence of the past leaders of old Umno is no longer in existence in the Umno Baru leaders of today.

The nation-building with emphasis on peace, harmony and inclusiveness of old Umno has been replaced with people-dividing and nation-wrecking based on racist, religious bigotry, intolerance and hatred overtones, strategies and policies. 

The Umno leaders have turned Malaysia into a police-state dictatorial regime with an all-powerful and all-conquering attitude of Umno leaders that have even spread down to the grassroots leaders and Umno-linked NGOs.   They are prepared to be violent and often chasing other peace-loving Malaysians from the country.

The have turned MALAYSIA, a model multi-racial, multi-religious country into a racist and supremacist “MALAY-SJA” or “Malay-Saja” and tottering on the brink of bankruptcy with an external debt of about RM600 billion, hovering on the 55% of GDP limit caused by corruption, mis-governance and abuse of power.

They have turned Malaysia, a federation of 3 nation states, Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak, into a unitary state and turning Sabah and Sarawak into the 12th and 13th States of Malaya which is masquerading as the federation of Malaysia.   

Sabah is made worse off by being internally colonized and the entry of Umno into Sabah with the granting of dubious ICs and MyKads have turned Sabah into an alien state controlled by Umno with the aid of voters-for-hire that have been given ICs and voting rights.  

Many of these dubious IC/MyKad holders are even born twice, once in their home country and another in Sabah.   Yet, the Umno-controlled federal government has done nothing to weed them out but continue to issue more of such dubious ICs in an effort to change the demography of Sabah.

Sarawak has been spared their country from being over-run by foreigners and from being internally colonized due to the safeguarding of Sarawak’s rights and autonomy and the barring of Umno from Sarawak.

Giving credit where it is due, Sarawak has been spared the problems of Sabah by the single-mindedness and single-handedness of the outgoing Chief Minister.

Taib’s parting words of wisdom to his yet unnamed successor and the other Sarawak leaders to protect Sarawak’s interests and rights come what may in line with the Malaysia Agreement of 1963 clearly demonstrate his unflinching patriotism for Sarawak and Sarawakians.

“How wonderful it would be for Sabah if all Sabah BN leaders, at all levels, were to make a similar stand to protect and safeguard Sabah’s rights and interests consistent with the Malaysia Agreement 1963 and take the necessary actions to implement their stand and show that they are also true patriots of Sabah and not meek leaders and stooges of Kuala Lumpur” concluded Dr. Jeffrey.

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