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Sabah BN/Umnoleaders Should Stand Up and Be Counted on Bible Raid-Dr. Jeffrey

Kota Kinabalu:     “Malaysia is burning while the PM is still twiddling his thumb to decide what to say and what to do.   Before the country spirals out of control, the fire and heat has reached the face of Umno and BN leaders in Sabah.   They need to act before it is too late”said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, STAR Sabah Chief, commenting on the Allah controversy and raid by the Islamic authority on a Christian body in Selangor.

The Sarawak BN leaders have spoken and have taken a stand with the Chief Minister earlier stating in no uncertain terms in the presence of Najib that the religious bigotry disease infecting Malaya has no place in harmonious Sarawak.  Another senior Minister has now stated there cannot be two sets of legal interpretation on the Allah issue when the Federal Constitution guarantees freedom of religion.
For the Sabah Umno and BN leaders led by the Chief Minister, they now need to show courage and leadership in the face of adversity of their common foes from within and stand up to be counted or else leave the Barisan Nasional.

It is rather foolish for a federal Minister from Sabah to urge the people to remain calm without himself stating clearly his stand and what he will do to resolve the growing menace against religious freedom.  He is no different from a doctor telling his patient who is suffering and in pain to go home and rest and remain calm without doing anything.  Of course, no such doctor will do such a foolish thing.

The problem on the widening religious discord is caused none other than by the federal government itself.   The government is shooting themselves in the foot and the PM has shown no courage and no leadership at all.    It is small wonder that he is admonished by the daughter of an ex-PM.

No statements or actions whatsoever from opposition parties will heal or resolve the problem.

The solution lies squarely within BN and its components led by racist big brother Umno.

Umno alone cannot be counted or relied upon to resolve the problem.    They have a vested and biased interest and are the cause of the on-going threat against religious freedom, not just against the Christian faith.

Therefore, the other BN components need to remind the PM that he is supposed to be the PM for all Malaysians not just the Malays or of the Peninsula.  They need to tell the PM and Umno in no uncertain terms that the on-going spat cannot be allowed to continue and need to be stopped at all costs.    If unstopped, it will lead to the country being fractured along religious and racial lines.

The situation is more critical in Sabah and Sarawakwhich epitomizes the true 1-Malaysia peace, harmony and goodwill amongst their multi-ethnic and multi-religious citizens.    This peace, harmony and goodwill need to be and must be preserved at all costs. 

The onus now falls on the heads and shoulders of the Sabah Umno and BN leaders to stand up as Malaysian and community leaders to show their Umno/BN counterparts in the Peninsula their stand to preserve peace and harmony in the country.

As it is an Umno/BN internal causation, the solution lies within BN itself. 

These Sabah Umno and BN leaders need not worry that making a stand will jeopardize their own positions or vested personal interests.   If standing up and be counted in such a critical situation facing the country will affect their positions and personal interests, they just need to say goodbye to their so-called partners and leave the Barisan. Just remember that in the end, the good will triumph over evil.

If they are looking for Ministerships and positions, by leaving BN and joining with the Pakatan coalition, they will be similarly be rewarded.   Perhaps, their reward and position may even be better with the Prime Ministership of Sabah and senior federal Ministerships readily made available to them.

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