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Political Eunuchs Incapable to Fight for Sabah Rights - Dr. Jeffrey

Kota Kinabalu:    “It’s hilarious but very saddening to see BN leaders twisting and turning my statement on the ex-DAP leaders and the Chinesecommunity to re-focus and fight for Sabah rights and autonomy including Sabah’s oil and gas resources.  Their ill-advised responses are nothing more than to please their political masters” said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, STAR Sabah Chief responding on the several statements by BN leaders.

The so-called BN leaders in government are nothing more than political eunuchs saying things to please their political masters who are now behaving like little emperors treating Sabah as a colony and a playground and adding whoever they want as Sabahans and citizens.   To treat Sabah’s oil and other wealth and riches as their own private property and private wealth.

They are giving a bad name to eunuchs during the Chinese emperor days.  In China, the eunuchs served their emperors and masters with finesse and dignity as it was their call of duty.   In Sabah, political eunuchs are able-bodied but castrated by themselves to be stooges, proxies and office-boys with high sounding positions and pray for crumbs from their Umno masters.

With their abilities being castrated, Sabahans cannot rely on these political eunuchs to fight for Sabah rights and autonomy.  The Chinese community cannot rely on these leaders, who cannot even understand a simple press statement and its contents, and their parties which have become handicapped with these leaders. 

We can put some simple tests for these so-called leaders.

The industrial sector in Sabah have been clamouring for the abolishment of the cabotage policy.   Can the Sabah Minister and his national party of which he is a senior leader do what is necessary to get the cabotage policy abolished?   It will not only be good for the industrial sector which has many Chinese businesses but also good for all Sabahans in helping reduce costs of goods.

One of the top Chinese school in Kota Kinabalu is building a RM6 million hostel for the benefit of its outstation students.    Can the PBS, LDP, MCA, Gerakan and other BN leaders help to get the federal and Sabah governments to contribute the RM6 million needed to construct the hostel?

Sabah will be contributing RM26.6 billion in oil revenue to Petronas in 2014.  The federal government is building the 43 km. water transfer tunnel from Pahang through the Titiwangsa Main Range to Selangor/Klang Valley costing RM3.94 billion and the total project will cost more than RM9 billion.   Why then must the federal government make Sabah pay for the RM235 water treatment plant in Keningau?   Can the leaders of the alleged party with many Chinese and Sino-Kadazans help to convert the RM235 million loan into a non-repayable grant so that the people of Sabah do not need to be burdened with the repayment.

Sabah was downgraded to be the 12th subservient State with an amendment to the Federal Constitution in 1976.   Can the junior leader who is fighting for Sabah’s rights persuade his “Chinese” multi-racial national party with the most MPs in Pakatan Rakyat to table an amendment of the Federal Constitution to restore Sabah as an equal partner with Malaya?   If this persuasion cannot even be done, how is the leader going to fight for Sabah rights through his party?  It’s a misplaced fight for Sabah rights.

Can these leaders be able to truly fightfor Sabah rights and autonomy?

It looks like political eunuch leaders cannot be relied upon and ordinary Sabahans would need to stand united and together fight for Sabah rights and autonomy.  This must include the Chinese community.

For the Chinese community, Sabah is their homeland too.  Their community have contributed immensely to what Sabah is today.   It is not due to the Malays from the Peninsula who have no business meddling and taking control of Sabah through illegal means and Project IC and gerrymandering of seats.

In the past, the Chinese in Sabah were able to be alienated land and be given licences.  They cannot even get a taxi licence today.   Sabah does not belong to Malaya or the Malayans.Sabahans need to re-claim back Sabah for the future of future Sabahans.

Sabah must have a State government that truly has the stomach to fight for Sabah rights and autonomy including taking back Sabah’s oil and gas resources.   In Norway, because of its prudent management of its oil revenue, each Norwegian is a millionaire.   In Sabah, despite its oil wealth, Sabahans are the poorest in the country.   The people in Sabah cannot rely on the current government which is subservient to the political masters in Malaya and on political eunuch leaders.

The Chinese community have always been kingmakers in Sabah and have helped put in power the parties that they have supported.  The situation is no longer applicable due to the gerrymandering of the election constituency boundaries and padded electoral rolls with voters for hire with dubious ICs.

If Sabah is to regain its status as an equal partner in Malaysia, equal to Malaya and Sarawak, the Chinese community need to stand united with the other communities and the ordinary people to fight for the restoration of Sabah’s rights and autonomy and for the return of Sabah’s oil and gas resources.

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