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Pushing out Malayans, pulling in S’wakians

They say all’s fair in love and war. But in Taib Mahmud’s case let me add politics. No one can grudge Sarawak’s top man his political strategy.

Taib’s a savvy politician, on his toes and ahead of his enemies.

He knows that in Sarawak, he is not the enemy, Putrajaya and Umno is.

And so he embraces Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion which states that “every action has an equal and opposite reaction”.
It’s a law that Taib has mastered like no one else. Taib’s interpretation of Newton’s 3rd law should be seen in the context of his political strategy.

Incite the Sarawakians somehow, so that they voted for him en-masse.

In the recent general election, his Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu lost nothing. The loses came from Sarawak United Peoples Party’s seat allocations.

The only seat SUPP retained was Dayak majority Serian. SUPP contested in seven seats

Taib’s Dayak vote ‘deposits’ is intact.

Taib’s mantra

The fact is nowhere else in the country is the Sarawakian Bumiputera so united and committed to Barisan National behind Taib.

None of the “kedaerahan” politics that pervades much of Borneo seems to have made an inroad in Sarawak and I can say this with confidence because I have observed Taib for years.

His every recent statement and action indicates the launch of one more edition of his proven mantra, which is “do something that unites the Sarawakian native vote.”

It’s a strategy that he used consistently in the last general election.

If you know Sarawakians you will know that they see Taib as their ‘protector’ against colonialist Umno and Putrajaya

Taib’s version of Newton’s 3rd law is: Say something that targets the Malayans or Putrajaya; get media to hyper-react and come to their defence and in turn gain an advantage with the Sarawakians.

In short his mantra is : “Push out the Malayans. Pull in the Sarawakians”.

Taib’s actions and statements in recent times indicate that he has already figured out that Umno and BN have become too weak in Malaya and depend too much on Sarawak to remain in power in Putrajaya.

As such this is the time for re-asserting power in his home state by winning handsomely.

Taib’s focus is only on Sarawak right now.

Economy slowing down

Sarawak is in enough trouble. The economy is slowing down (yes yes… unbiased articles to understand this fact) and he is getting panned for his state’s Human Development Index figures and corruption.

If Taib now loses Sarawak, he loses all chances of remaining as chief minister and Umno will step into Sarawak and create another Sabah scenario.

Every Sarawakian knows this.

Taib’s recent reactions to issues is also indicative of this

He recently charged that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) did not “deserve” his cooperation in potential graft investigations as they have not been upfront with him.

Taib said he was not afraid of being investigated by MACC as long as he was being treated fairly.

“Up to you. They want to victimise me, let them. As long as they are fair I am not scared…they don’t deserve my cooperation because they have been quite naughty,” Taib reportedly said.

The interview provided Taib the platform to announce that he wouldn’t apologise to the Putrajaya- controlled MACC because he hadn’t done anything wrong.

As he expected, the media screamed and the federal authorities expressed affront. And what about the opposition? Of course, they all showed how untouchable Taib was.

Bible issue
This is exactly what Taib wanted. Why?

Because what will Sarawakian do when they hear so much media, opposition and criticism of Taib?

They will react like Newton said they would. They will ring fence Taib. They will swear to themselves and to each other that they will get their “protector” elected.

Brilliant, Taib Mahmud!

Taib also out-manoevoured Putrajaya in the Malay-language Bible “Alkitab” row.

He was reported as saying: “It was I who talked to the prime minister. I said to him that it was a stupid idea to stamp serial numbers.

“I told him it should be stopped and he said ‘yes I agree and I’ll put a stop to it’.

So Taib stopped the serial numbers. “Now there’s no more of this nonsense,” he reportedly said.

Again, naive observers may have wondered why Taib wasn’t seizing the opportunity to curry favour with the Muslims.

But Taib’s objective was not the Muslims in Sarawak.

He was interested in making a statement to his Christian Bumiputeras and earn their votes. Who cares if the Malayan fanatics saw him with hate.

Brilliant, no?

Sarawakians will vote for Taib

Taib uses every bit of available opportunity to further gain from Newton’s law.

Take the Lahad Datu intrusion.

He said the setting up of Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate Lahad Datu intrusion in Sabah was a good move to find out the truth about what happened to avoid the government from being accused of creating the conflict.

Taib cannot publicly use this issue to whip up support for himself, but by endorsing an RCI he is drawing attention to what could happen in Sarawak if Sarawakians surrender to Umno and Malayans.

He’s simpy telling his Dayak vote-bank: “See what happens if we surrender our rights to the Malayans, let me handle this, only I can stop Putrajaya from stealing our rights!

“Give me your vote and I will make sure Sarawak is safe from Putrajaya!”

If he wins in Sarawak again in the coming state election, expected within the next two years, Taib is without doubt going to be the foremost CM, who’s kept Malaya out from Sarawak.

And notwithstanding how Taib and ‘others’ feel, this will be what Sarawakians will do.

Selvarajah Somiah is a geologist and freelance writer. He blogs at

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    It is like Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee..

    Most of us may not agree with what Taib is doing to Sarawak but we all unite to keep out the Malayan invasion...

    Thank you.


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