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Please hold the next Blackout 505 rally in Sarawak

The world hydropower congress is to be held in Sarawak soon. Sarawak's dam projects will flood 2,300 square kilometres of rainforest and displace around 30,000 to 50,000 indigenous people from their native customary rights land.
The "aftershock" Blackout 505 rallies around the country have demonstrated to us that Malaysians have finally woken up to the realities of politics in our nation. I hope we too might wake up to another reality that has been around for a long time - the rampant destruction of our rainforest land that we have inherited.

Here is thinking outside the box: what about holding the next blackout rally at a major dam site? Or outside the venue of the global hydropower congress to be held in Sarawak soon?

"Cutting two carrots with one knife" or "killing two birds with one stone" or whatever the term used, we have tried highlighting the "not free and fair" GE13 to our friends on Facebook, jamming the White House website and attending rallies to attract global attention on the issue.

Unfortunately, we did not manage to make a dent on the 24-hour global news cycle. I think having the rally at the dam site will, because that is a key global environmental issue. The world has shown more interest in global issues such as the environment.

The environment also showcases Sarawak's Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud and Umno as the prime examples of acts of rampant corruption, cronyism and shows their utter disregard for the environment and the well-being of the native people.

By holding the rally in Sarawak, we will be showing solidarity with our indigenous people in their fight to defend their homes and livelihood. We might be able to win the hearts and minds of our fellow East Malaysians in the rural constituencies, which hold one of the keys to Putrajaya in any election.

The work of winning the hearts and minds of the rural East Malaysians has to be done sooner or later. Why wait until the next GE14, or another three years for the Sarawak state election?

By then, the mega dams of Sarawak would be fully operational. Then BN can just buy votes with a mere RM50 or RM100 because our indigenous friends, who had been displaced from their native customary land, will be desperate to survive.

We also need to explore the use of the global arena to prosecute Taib Mahmud for his "environmental crimes".

There has been some preliminary work done by the European Union and South Americans in jump-starting an "Environmental Crimes Tribunal". This is similar to the "War Crimes Tribunal", which has been functioning globally.

Malaysia does have the human resources now to get anything done. We have seen, over and over again, that there have been huge turnouts in the earlier rallies related to GE13.

The lifespan of our politicians ranges from five years to a few decades. The life cycle of the rainforest is a few million years. "Act locally, think globally". Can someone else think of some other catchy cry?

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    Why no Blackout 505 in Sarawak or Sabah?

    SIMPLE. PKR has no great interets in SS except ot get their votes.

    More importantly PKR like UMNO does not want Sarawak or Sabah people to fully taste the democracy spirit of mass participation.

    So they put a damper on it.

    At the back of their colonising mindset, they know it is far better to keep SS people doped with sandiwaras and not to fully arouse them to their rights.

    Even their local PKR headman have no initiative to do anything. Prayers did not bring victory! Action speaks louder.

    A good example is when the Movement for Change in Sarawak called for demonstrations against Taib during at the height of the Bersih campaign in 2011 in Kuching. The PKR leaders rebuked the MOCs people about mass demonstrations.

    The demo was scuttled when MOCs received threats from those in power and they said they did not want to risk life and limb by holding the demo. They were again intimidated into submission. Sabah went ahead and had sizeable demos (for Sabah)

    The PKR leader have made no headway in Sabah and Sarawak because they just do not want to arouse the people to go too far.

    For example they do not tell them they have rights under the 20 Points Agreement.They do not wish to over empower the people.

    This was a major point of contention between PKR and local opposition leaders when negotiation a united front to fight the elections. The result no co-operation and PKR went ahead to be the spoiler by coming to Sabah and split the votes.

    PKR is concerned like UMNO that When emboldened the people will start to demand "independence" more openly.

    But for the moment PKR fails to impress us.


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