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Mahathir and Umno leaders should be the ones barred from entering Sabah, says STAR

Daniel John Jambun,STAR Sabah Deputy Chairman
By Daniel John Jambun
INANAM : The hoo-haa by Umno supporters against opposition colleague Tian Chua for his unfavourable comment to Umno on the Sulu gunmen in Sabah is just but an effort to distract people's attention from the real issue at hand.

If there is a leader or leaders needed to be barred from entering Sabah, iit must not be Tian Chua but Mahathir Mohamad and all his Umno leaders, including Najib Eazak, in cahoot with Mahathir's pet project of issuing Malaysian documents to these illegal immigrants from Sulu.
Even Jamalul Kiram admitted there were 800,000 of his people in Sabah given such documents by Mahathir / Umno Federal government ! Tian Chua had merely commented on the sins and treason acts of these Umno leaders.

It was openly being said in the Philippines how Mahathir and Malaysian government helped trained and funded the Sulu insurgents in southern Philippines. No one in Malaysia denied this except Mahathir who did so yesterday. What can bona fide Sabahans expect from this evil man who was responsible for the so many problems in Malaysia now?

It was also reported by Sabahkini that one Umno branch chairman in Lahad Datu was a pivotal figure behind the whole happening in Tanduo. And that even the Sulu sultan had attended Umno meetings before and shook hand with Umno leaders including Najib !

Umno sidekicks in Sabah, PBS and Upko leaders, should stand up and get the real perpetrators of the mother of all our problems in Sabah, Mahathir and Umno leaders, be barred from entering this not so sovereign state of Sabah now !

I think they don't have the balls to do it. They will find excuses because Umno is always their "tuan" ! I challenge Sabahans to give some serious thought about the whole thing.

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