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“Wake Up Before Its Too Late”- Dr. Jeffrey Tells Sabahans

“Sabahans must wake up to the reality that they stand to lose everything – their country, their independence, their rich resources, their land, their economic opportunities and their cultural heritage – if they continue to remain silent and oblivious to these realities” said Datuk Dr.JeffreyKitingan, Chairman of STAR SABAH at the Launching of STAR’s campaign called “Selamatkan Sabah Tanah Airku” during STAR Sabah’s first anniversary celebration at SM KianKok, Kota Kinabalu on Sunday.
“ITS NOW OR NEVER FOR SABAHANS..!” to decide whether they want to continue to be governed as a colony by UMNO/Malaya or to take charge of their own destiny and future and to control and manage their own resources” addedDr. Jeffrey.

Dr. Jeffrey said that Sabahans must also realize that despite being the second largest contributor to the national coffer,Sabahans are the poorest citizens of the country. 

Where is the justice?  Where is the logic?  he asked.  Dr Jeffrey then recited a poem to emphasize his message in Bahasa Malaysia:
    BangunlahWahai Rakyat Sabah
    Sedarlah ….
    Bangkitlah Dari TidurNyenyak Mu…

    JanganTungguSehingga Kita KehilanganSegala-galanya…
    JanganTungguSehinggaHariEsok Yang TidakTerjamin…
    Bangunlah Dari TidurNyenyak Mu Sekarang Dan Sedarlah …..!
    MerekaSedangMenjajah Kita Tanpa Kita Sedar
    MerekaSedangMerampasHak Dan Milik Kita – Adakah Kita Sedar?
    Posikkkkkkk…Tungag Noh!

    Apakah Kita MasihTidur?
    MasihMahuDiperalatkan Dan Diperbodohkan?!

    Bangkitlah Dari TidurNyenyak Mu….
    Posikkkkkk…Tungag Noh!

    Bukankah Sabah Ini Kita Punya?
    BukankahKuasa Di Tangan Kita?
    Ayuh!  PertahankanHak-Hak Negara Kita?
    Selamatkan Sabah Tanah Airku
    LupakanSengketaDiantara Kita
    BebaskanDiri Mu Dari PolitikPecah Dan Perintah
    TinggalkanKepentinganPeribadi Mu
    AngkatlahKepentingan Negara Mu
    Selamatkan Sabah Tanah Airku!

    KalauBukan Kita, SiapaLagi?
    KalauBukanSekarang, BilaLagi?
    Ini Kali Lah! (3x)

Dr. Jeffrey also reminded Sabahans to be careful when choosing who to support in the coming PRU-13 general election, lest we repeat the same mistake. 

“We need change, yes, but not merely a change of government.”
“We need solutions to our problems and the restoration of our Sabah rights, our oil rights and solutions to our socio-economic problems, including poverty, illegal immigrants and on security” he said.

The coming election will be a perfect time for Sabahans and Sarawakians to create their own political power base by consolidating into a Third Force and playing the role of “Kingmakers”. 

He explained that the Peninsular is now divided into two political forces between BN and PR in a 50/50 situation.   He emphasized,“If Sabah and Sarawak moved together as an independent block (Third Force),we can be a force to be reckoned with.  This is the political leverage that we can mobilize to restore our lost rights and to find solutions to our problems”.

“To achieve this,Sabahans and Sarawakians must only support and elect candidates under local flags symbols!  It is a case of 1 to 1 fight between ‘Agenda Borneo vs. Agenda Malaya’” he added.

As explained that in Sabah/Sarawak the fight should only between this two groups – those who support the Agenda Malaya and those who support the Agenda Borneo.  BN led by Umno, Dr. Jeffrey said belong to Agenda Malaya whose main objective is to win Putrajaya and continue colonizing Sabah.  PR led by PKR is no different as nothing much will change even if they takeover Putrajaya as indicated by their BukuJingga and the Kuching Declaration.

Real change can only take place when Sabahans and Sarawakians are in a leverage position to demand those changes, he said.

Dr. Jeffrey invited all Sabahns and Sarawakians to participate in the “SELAMATKAN SABAH TANAH AIRKU” Campaign.



  1. Jeffrey should wake up instead of telling the Sabahans to wake up.


    2. Kenapa kita perlu dengar cakap pemimpin yang tiada pendirian seperti JK ini.

  2. Does Jeffrey realize the way he refuses to cooperate with the others is just a way to help BN?

  3. In some ways it's good for BN, since they will certainly get an easy win this time.

  4. Without cooperation, split votes will bring down the opposition.

  5. So don't tell the people to unite when they couldn't do it themselves.

  6. Pembangkang sendiri hanya pandai cakpa sahaja, sedangkan mereka sendiri kucar-kacir.

  7. Jangan mudah terpedaya dengan kata-kata pembangkang.

  8. PARTI komponen Barisan Nasional (BN) berasaskan masyarakat Kadazandusun percaya Parti Reformasi Negeri (STAR) yang dilancarkan di Sabah tidak mempunyai peluang di negeri ini.

  9. parti itu, yang berpusat di Sarawak, hanya 'memeriahkan' arena politik di negeri ini berikutan dasar Malaysia yang mengamalkan demokrasi.

  10. parti itu tidak akan dapat memenangi hati rakyat di Sabah kerana parti itu juga tidak diterima di Sarawak.

  11. Parti itu sudah lama 'tidur' dan tentu sekali sudah banyak bermimpi. Sekarang mereka bangun dari tidur kerana mahu memberitahu apa yang telah
    mereka mimpi.

  12. parti berkenaan tidak menunjukkan kesepakatan dengan golongan yang turut memperjuangkan hak Sabah dan tidak mahu bersatu dengan parti komponen
    BN yang mempunyai perjuangan yang sama bagi menguatkan perjuangannya.

  13. k ebangkitan semula STAR tidak akan memberi impak besar dalam senario politik semasa di Sabah, khususnya menjelang pilihan raya umum ke-13.

  14. parti STAR ini adalah satu parti yang lapuk yang kini tidak lagi mendapat sokongan ramai di kalangan rakyat di Sarawak.


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