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Umno-BN has lost moral right to rule

The present Umno-BN government is illegitimate
and should not be allowed to continue, says
STAR chief Jeffrey Kitingan
KOTA KINABALU: Sabah State Reform Party (STAR) believes that ruling Barisan Nasional has lost the moral right to rule as a legitimate government.
Citing disclosures made in the ongoing RCI on illegal immigrants and the issuance of citizenships to foreigners in Sabah, STAR chief Jeffrey Kitingan said “the present government should not be allowed to continue to rule”.
“From the RCI disclosures, we can see that we have been governed by leaders who would not have been elected if not for illegitimate voters. The present Umno-BN government is illegitimate and should not be allowed to continue. It should be replaced by a non-partisan caretaker government.
“Whilst we cannot change what has happened and leave it to the powers that be to untangle the mess that Sabah is in and punish the culprits and their mastermind, we, all Sabahans, can make a difference and determine our own future and our own destiny,” he said.
Jeffrey said people must not leave it to Sabah leaders alone, especially those in the Umno-BN government, to save Sabah from further damage and control by foreigners.
“No government in the world that is patriotic and loves its citizens would do what Umno and the BN government have done to Sabah. It is treason of the highest degree and in past history, many would have been beheaded or hanged for lesser  offences,” he said.
Jeffery doubted Sabah BN component parties leaders of PBS, UPKO, LDP would leave BN and stand on the side of Sabah and its people as they do not care for its future.
Solution imperative
He said even if they did care, they cannot do anything about it as they are beholden to their political masters in BN, besides the fact that many of them have files and dossiers on them.
“At best, they will leave it to Umno, their big brother in BN. We cannot expect thieves to catch thieves,” he said.
He said with the general election around the corner, a solution was imperative. “If people leave everything to the RCI, by the time it completes its investigation in six months time, it would be too late.
“Even then there is no guarantee that action will be taken to rectify the grave injustice done to Sabah and legitimate Sabahans, particularly the natives, whether they are KDMs, Bajaus, Suluks, Ubian, Iranun, Kedayan, Bisaya, Rungus, Sungei, Lun Bawang, Sino-natives, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani and the many others.
“Therefore, we the ordinary Sabahans must unite and kick out this illegitimate Umno-BN government,” he said.
He stressed that whoever the next Chief Minister of Sabah is going to be, he must take every action to safeguard the interests of Sabah and Sabahans.
“We regret the view of one of our past Chief Ministers who, by his own admission, failed in his duty in protecting Sabah, when he nonchalantly stated that it was the prerogative of the federal government to grant citizenships,” he said.
Jeffrey said STAR’s stand is that Sabah is a nation by itself and an equal partner in Malaysia, thus the Federal government cannot and should not grant federal citizenships or the right to vote to every Tom, Dick and Harry, regardless of their nationality and religious background.
“We should only award citizenships to qualified people who can contribute to the country. In granting citizenships, it is by way of operation of law or by naturalisation. Granting of citizenships to children of citizens is by way of law. Giving MyKads based on fraudulent declaration of place of birth in Sabah is not naturalisation. It is fraud,” he said.
‘Malaya is not Malaysia’
He also censured former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohammed for defending the granting of citizenships. “He may be right in saying that giving of citizenships is not wrong if it is done according to law, but he should have added that granting citizenships not according to law is wrong and that the perpetuators should be punished.”
Mahathir, Jeffrey said, had completely missed the point when he compared granting of citizenships to foreign nationals during the formation of the Federation of Malaya in 1957 to doing so in Sabah in the 1990s when he was prime minister.
“Firstly, in 1957, it was agreed that citizenships be granted to residents in Malaya by application and to children of federal Malaya citizens. This was provided for in the Federation of Malaya constitution.
“This situation is no longer applicable when the Federation of Malaya formed the Federation of Malaysia in 1963 with Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore.
“Secondly, comparing citizenship of Malaya with citizenship of Malaysia is wrong and out of context as it involves two different countries and is not an apple-to-apple comparison.  Malaya is not Malaysia.
“Thirdly, citizenship for Sabahans in Malaysia is clearly set out in the recommendation of paragraph 148(k) of the Cobbold Commission and Point 10 of the 20-Points.
“The fraudulent issuance of blue ICs and MyKads to foreigners as disclosed in the RCI hearings are not in accordance with the Cobbold Commission recommendations and Point 10 or even the Federal Constitution,” said Jeffrey.
He added that the problem in Sabah is not just the issuance of citizenship to foreign nationals, but the abuse and misuse of voting rights by these ‘dubious citizens’ by the BN government to preserve its political power.
‘Can’t rely on PBS’
Jeffrey said that as a result of these dubious voters and voters-for-hire, there were at least two cases of Umno candidates, including a former Chief Minister, winning in the 1994 elections, defeating PBS candidates.
“I ‘m not defending PBS here, but it is a fact and this should be PBS’ story and their silence  shows why PBS and other BN components can no longer be relied to defend Sabah’s rights,” he said.
He further claimed that to add to these dubious and foreign voters, the federal government has planted hundreds, even thousands of their security forces as local voters.
“In Petagas, Putatan, Bugaya, Semporna, Karambunai, Sepanggar, Sebatik, Kalabakan, these security forces voters determine the outcome of the elections, not the local voters.
“In Sg Sibuga, Karamunting and several other constituencies, they number several hundreds and account for up to 5% or more of the voters and influenced the outcome of the elections,” he claimed.

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    UMNO has been ruling without legal authority since 1963 because the Malaysian Constitution was never written and formally proclaimed.

    So clearly Malaysia has not been legally incorporated as required to do UNDER the terms of the 18/20 Points Agreements and Malaysia Agreements.

    Therefore UMNO never had been legally in power.

    Further, the RCI revelations of vote rigging confirmed by Mahathir and his former officials shows that the UMNO BN governments at least since Mahathir's time were illegal and had fraudulently held power.

    Since the UMNO government is illegal it must resign immediately and a care-taker government be put in place to supervise the elections.

    It is no longer an argument that the people of Sabah and Sarawak validated Malaysia for 50 years by electing the UMNO BN government.

    After the elections, the perpetrators of the fraud must be brought to justice.

    But the important question for Sabah Sarawak people is what are we doing about this?

    We can no longer accept Kuala Lumpur authority over us and in fact it never had authority over us.

    That means we should be a free people, free from the chains of Malaysia, free from Malayan colonial rule.

    However even if we are legally free, the reality is that Malaya has its army in Sabah and Sarawak. So Kuala Lumpur has the gun and the power to continue ruling us as colony.

    The only bloodless way we can free ourselves is demand an independence referendum.

    However, the chances of even getting this done would be very slim.

    So there is a way to find out. Vote for a local patriotic party to throw out all Malayan proxy parties!

    If we have control of the government, we can declare independence and take back control of our country.


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