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Star will move on, says Papar leader

By Baharudin Nayan
: In respond to the claim by former Star head for Papar, Datuk Patrick Sindu, that Papar Star is dissolved, i would like to stress that the majority of grassroots leaders and members in Papar are steadfast in their unity with Star state leadership in regaining our pride and empowering Sabahans.

In Pantai Manis especially, there is no big effect at all from Sindu's departure. If anything, Star strength and support from the people in Pantai Manis is increasing even more by the day as more and more see and understand the earnest strugle and clear direction of Star. 
On Sindu's allegation of arrogant leaders around Dr Jeffrey Kitingan, this is his personal opinion on other leaders and many have chosen to differ from his view. Star itself has affirmed its commitment to promote leaders that respect good governance and transparency and that was why Star is the only political party in Sabah so far that had signed a written commitment pledge with the Transparency International (TI) at a public ceremony in Kota Kinabalu last year. 

We thanked Sindu for his valuable insights during his brief tenure with Star and we wish him good luck in Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR). In our heart he is always our friend. Papar division meanwhile is holding a meeting tomorrow under the able new leadership of Sylvester Balon who has now been appointed to head Papar.

Balon is a good guy known for his amiabe style and certainly not a publicity-seeking kind. Balon has our support in Papar. He is expected to issue a statement tomorrow after the meeting.

It must also be noted that it would not be correct altogether to paint a picture that many had followed Sindu's step to leave for PKR. Only very few of his friends did so out of respect of Sindu, i am made to understand.

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