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Some Malay Groups Have 52% Chinese DNA

Dear Editors,

The news reports on the RCI findings have prompted me to do a bit of reading on the "Malays" and I found 2 articles which are very interesting.

One is a recent article called "Pendatang" by Syed Imran former Bernama reporter and the other a scientific study on the genetics of "Malays".

Syed Imran's beef is that "Malaysians" are 97 squatters- so what is the big deal about "pendatangs"?

Unfortunately UMNO and Perkasa think tankers are a bit thicker than others and have not accepted this conclusion (common knowledge for a long time). Or may be they are following the Nazis who dishonestly made up reasons to justify their pogroms against Jews and "sub-human" race.

The other is a news report on a USM genetic study pointed out that the Orang Asli Melayu has 52% Chinese DNA. That makes me wonder would UMNO  scrub them from the list of "Malays" since they have majority Chinese DNA? It sort of throws a spanner in the works for Malay supremacists.... But they bend and twist - so any pig in a poke can be re-classified into anything. After all school kids in Ulu Sarawak are being re-classified as Muslims.

On more serious note many young Sino-Kadazan and Sino-Dayaks have been discriminated against from education and job opportunities  emphasising the illogic of apartheid (as also happened frequently in apartheid South Africa). So imported pendatangs are more equal than the home versions. In the end it is really insane politics.

Hope you have space for the 2 articles which will help to show that there are sane Malays who can think and write more intelligibly than the UMNO hacks.

Best regards

Read more here: Pendatang, Some Malay Groups Have 52% Chinese DNA


  1. Hi Conan,

    Recent Malay DNA testing done by Professor Dr. Zilfalil Alwi from USM confirmed that Malays have 52% Chinese blood and yet they called other Malaysians as Pendatang.

    In Javanese language, Melayu mean LARI ie Orang Melayu mean Orang Lari.

    Note Parameswara ran away from Palembang, Sumatra due to the invasion of the Hindu Majapahit to Singapore, Muar and finally settled in Malacca.

    He seeked protection from the Chinese Ming Emperor who sent Admiral Cheng Ho ( Muslim ) and his fleet to protect Malacca Kingdom from Majapahit and Siam Invasion. He later became a Muslim by married a Arab-Achen princess plus with other support from the Chinese Hui Muslim from Yunnan, China, Arabs, Indian Muslim to expand the Malacca Sultanate under the name of Sultan Iskandar Shah creating a hugh Malacca Sultanate to Java, Sumatra, Bornea, Mindanoa etc.

    Despite of the Chinese assistance to establish the Kingdom, they called them Pendatang confirming that they are racists without gratitude to live as Malaysian equally and united.

    Perhaps, they love to use the deceit, lies, divide and rule strategy to stay in power to make billions of ringgits for themselves, their family members and cronies in the expenses of all good Malaysians

  2. where is the article link?


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