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Salam Hormat dari Tua Kampong Long Kavuk

Salam hormat to all of you my anak-anak, cucu-cucu and my sabila wherever you may be. May the LOVE, BLESSING, STENGTH the WORDS of our Lord be upon you.

As you all know, I’ve been so silent for the last few months; this is because my email writer the retired Cikgu from Long Kavuk was in Miri and Kuching for few months on medical treatment.  As matter of fact, the retired Cikgu was very pale before left Long Kavuk for his treatment, but today, I am so please to see him gradually recovering. He is still on medications. But, this is not what I am going to discuss in this email.  

In my email today, I would like to comment on my cucu Dennis Ngau’s speech he made in Marudi last weekend, because I was there with the retired Cikgu, listening and at the same time taking some notes.

Dear cucu YB Dennis Ngau, I send my “Tabe” and my Salam to you.

My cucu Dennis Ngau, why are you so blunt. Do you have anything better to tell our people the truth? Why do you choose to lie? Is this the reason why we voted for you as our YB? Aso bale..!!

You told the people of Marudi last weekend not to be swayed by the sweet talks and promises of the opposition, saying if the opposition is to be voted, there would tend to lose as there would be disunity in the rural community.

My cucu Dennis, your remarks is just repeated what Najib, Muhayddin Yassin, Taib Mahmud, Alfred Jabu, Awang Tengah, Jacob Dungau and all the rest of the BN YB says, because there are out of ideas in discrediting the opposition.       

Are those words spoken out from your heart? 
No, not at all! I don’t think so. Those words you mentioned are tape recorded from what Najib, Muhayddin Yassin, Taib Mahmud, Alfred Jabu, Awang Tengah, Jacob Dungau says, because there’s nothing else better to say about BN.  

As matter of fact, none of you in the BN thinks about the rakyat the way you claim. You only come to seek our vote just to make better lives for yourselves, your family and the few people around cronies. I dare all YB or political leaders in Sarawak to come out and prove me wrong. What is that RM47,000 MRP grants to 13 village development, which merely at RM3,615.38 for each kampong. What development can we get from RM3,615.38? 

In my kampong, we have 85 doors at about RM42.53 per door/family, the amount not enough to purchase 10 kilos of “AAA” rice. Therefore, with this amount, we are forced to purchase cheap rice at RM25 per bag and with the balance of RM17.53 to purchase 1 liter of cooking oil.

What is this?? Is this a kind of another BN bully?

My cucu Dennis, if I were you, I would have tell my voters in Telang Usan all the good things what your voters expected you to do in fulfilling your last election promises/manifesto. Let me quote some of BN’s “window dressing” manifesto in simple KPI (key performance indicator) matrix, which were designed by BN solely for campaigning purposes, also made/designed to be forgotten after elections:-

Barisan National - 2012 Election Manifesto
PBB/BN initiative undertaken to develop Sarawak's central region, the state government is hoping to transform Sarawak into a developed State by the year 2020 while at the same time improving the quality of life for the people by creating more than 100,000 jobs.

Today is the first month of the year, January 2013. Year 2020 is 6 years to go. At the moment there’s nothing in place to create more than 100,000 jobs by 2020. At least by the year 2020, Taib Mahmud personal bank accounts will increase to US$50 billion.  Rakyat of Sarawak will become “kuli-kuli” earning the average salary of RM20.00 per day in the urban.  
RM6 billion allocations to improve basic facilities in the rural areas.

What we seen today is BR1M @ RM500 per person per year ÷ 5 years (1,800 days) = RM0.28 per person day, given by BN Government under improves basic facilities in rural areas, plus RM43.53 Dennis Ngau’s MRP.
A Peaceful, Progressive and Prosperous Sarawak" in its manifesto which mapped out the future of the state, its success story and the promise of equal distribution of wealth among all races in the state.

What “peaceful, progressive and prosperous” Sarawak are talking about when our trees are extracted from our ancestral lands, our NCR lands are robbed and flooded 
My cucu Dennis, with the above simple KPI, do you think we keep our trust in BN government?

50 years came and went, with 6 Prime ministers, BN still failed to make any visible progress to deliver the development pledges to the people of Sarawak.  Personally, I still withheld any expression of my disappointment, as I decided to give Najib Razak, Muhayddin Yassin, Taib Mahmud another day.

The fat profits our ministers together with their family members and their cronies are taking at the expense of the poorest person in the rural areas are very pathetic. Has anyone thought of the cost of dialysis? How about the cost of providing treated water to the people in your constituency, providing electricity? How are the roads users feeling? I live in Ulu Baram so I would like to cite the super dual carriage highway along Beluru & Lapok given by BN.  There thousands of young Sarawakian locals especially the Bumiputra Dayaks are not having suitable jobs in the Oil and Gas Industries (Petronas), Civil Servants, Teachers, etc have been seriously affected by the influx of West Malaysian. Why is the State Government lead by Taib Mahmud not insisting in strict control over the West Malaysian genuinely coming to Sarawak with their families to work, to live and to do business. By this sign, 100,000 jobs will be just another dream. As Indonesian says….“Ngomong kosong”, which mean ‘empty promises’.

This is the things you should address for becoming our YB, not wasting your times critic Pakatan Rakyat (the opposition). 
If you think that we’ve no other choice apart than the BN, let me ask you…How many more terms or years will BN to stay in power before we can have good roads, treated water supplies, electricity to every long-houses? Another 50 or 100 years? How long do we have to wait? Being your old man, please tell me, how long do I have to wait?
I’ve waited for too long without any of the campaign promises fulfilled.

My cucu Dennis Ngau, because of this, no matter who BN decided to stand in Baram in the coming 13th GE, is going to be far cry from the previous election results. Whether the BN candidate is going to be my anak Jacob Dungau, or Ose Murang, or D.O. Anyie Ngau, or whoever is going to “golong tikar”.    

To all of you my anak-anak and my cucu-cucu,…being the Tua Kampong of Long Kavuk for more than 3 decades, being the oldest person in this email and being the first amount us tasted salt, I must tell you this; if our honorable members of BN say they really came in the interest of the rakyat Sarawak, then I challenge them to declare their KPI to the rakyat including the state annual income, spending and declare their personnel assets.  I also dare our CM Taib Mahmud create a corruption-free Sarawak, so that the poor people in the rural areas do not lose their voice to corruption of their own leaders. If CM of Penang, YB Lim Guan Eng and his ministers are in administration for 5 years, can declare their assets, why can’t CM Taib Mahmud and his ministers who are in the administration for 30 years do the same?

Simple, for you my anak-anak, cucu-cucu and my Sabila who are living in the Ulu, just see around you and ask yourself, why it is every time Barisan government talks about development in the rural areas always result in destructions. They cut our timbers, polluted our rivers, our young girls are rapes, flooding our lands? To me, being the your old Tua Kampong, the answer to the miseries is, they came in the name of development to rob us in the broad daylights in order to increase their personal revenue. They intentionally create so many ministries so that they can satisfy party faithful with ministerial appointments at the expense of the tax payers and our lands.

They came to the rural areas once every 5 years (before election) in first class transport, using helicopter. Their wives and family members travel abroad for medical treatment. Their children attend school abroad so the exorbitant school fees we pay in the country is no case to them. They quickly offer businesses and job opportunities to their cronies and whom they know. Yet they stand on tall podiums during campaign time and preach job creation and branding their political rivals (Pakatan Rakyat) of preaching lies. 

BN should stop trying to excuse their ways out of their own mess by lashing out at the Opposition. Look at CM Taib Mahmud…if he is clean leader, truly innocent, committed to 2012 state election promises and manifesto, he should answer to all the accusations on him in manipulating the state coffers, having business empire in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, etc, he should answer to allegations on him worth of RM45 billion. He should answer this one by one, word by words and clear the air formally and respectfully with the public.

Likewise, to PM Najib......if he is clean leader, truly innocent, he should answer to Deepak's accusations one by one, words by words and clear the air formally and respectfully with the public. That is how a good and clean PM would behave, not utter childish remarks that the opposition is to blame when it is he and his wife who have refused to come clean to the public.

My anak-anak, cucu-cucu and my Sabila, The Holy Bible tells us to respect those we elect to lead us. I haven’t read the theological meaning of that portion yet but I believe the Holy book will as well talk about leaders who subject their subordinates to massive hardship.
My anak-anak, cucu-cucu and my Sabila, although we’ve given our trust and full supports to BN during the previous elections, but sadly after the elections are over, we are always back to where we started, fell into the same old problems of being despised, ignored and we are treated as foreigners and have to apply for this and that, and took every rights we have on our own lands. They cut our timbers, they block our rivers, and they pump our oil and took our jobs and sell their products to us, which costs more than what they sell in West Malaysia. It is real shame!  

My cucu Dennis Ngau, when you say the opposition swaying with “sweet talks and promises”, I urge you to think again, look at the signs and responses by the people in the rural areas today. 

During the last (2012) state election, the opposition were not welcome by the people in various long houses in your constituency, but today is the other way around, the table has turned. PR candidate my cucu Pastor Roland Engan and his campaigners are grandly welcomed by all the long houses in the Baram, including Marudi, long houses along the Tutoh, Apoh, Tinjar and Bakong areas.  I have never seen anything like this before in the Baram during opposition parties visits. It’s so overwhelming; people came to listen to “ceramah” at their own expenses. 

Whereas recently, those groups of “BN ball-polishers” under BN sponsorship and expenses lead by Counselor Simpson Njok Lenjau, Semuel Belawan, Gabriel Uking, Alexander Lian Ngerong, Augustine Supen Taja, etc were chased out from most of the long houses they visited. I can’t imagine how hide my face if I am in their situations.  

My cucu Dennis Ngau, if you listen to the people on the ground, this coming 13th GE is not a good sign for BN. You cannot play the same music with the same dance every time. The people in the Baram already realized what are good and what are evil, what are the truth and what are lies but the most freighting among the people in the Baram today is, the 5 names I’ve mentioned above (“BN ball-polishers”) I are forcing themselves going around to the Ulu in getting signatures and “cap-tangan”, deceiving the illiterate, telling the people they are doing “economic survey” to boost-up their economy. As matter of fact, those signatures and “cap-tangan” are converted to another letter telling Taib Mahmud the people are supporting the “Baram dam”. Aso bale..!!

My cucu Dennis Ngau, to conclude my email to you, allow me to quote Abraham Lincoln’s quoted;
“Who said you can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time?”
To all of you my anak-anak, cucu-cucu and my Sabila, we must wake up!! Our low self-esteem and lax attitude as well as our greedy and selfish leaders are destroying the very fiber of our race, our culture, our heritages, our country. We must admit, we have been stupid and have acted stupidly for far too long!! Today, I urge all of you my anak-anak, cucu-cucu and my sabila to Wake-up and see what we have gone through.

My cucu Dennis Ngau, amei Pasinga, amei Merak.
I hope you could humbly digest my advice to you and never-never in million years repeated or copy right someone’s opinions if you are not sure about it.

Salam Hormat dari Orang Asal Sarawak

Tua Kampung
Long Kavuk

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    "Unless you follow this advice you will lose your birth right, which will be taken from you by strangers and speculators who will in their turn become masters and owners, whilst you yourselves, you people of the soil, will be thrown aside, and become nothing but coolies and outcasts of the island".- Rajah Charles Brooke in his farewell speech 1915.

    The Tua Kampong's gentle reproach is fair comment as the plight of workers in the towns factories and plantations has hardly improved with 50 years of wealth being drained from Sarawak or Sabah for the matter.

    Now those who rule over us deem it adequate for the workers to survive on $20.00 a day.

    This hardly pays for a taxi ride to the airport whether in Kuching or KK! Or buy your family a decent meal not to say 3 square meals a day.

    Our "elected" representatives (now confirmed by the RCI) as having got there by fraud) have a grand life with the money they are stealing from the land and people.

    Our people get tossed out of their homes and lands and some survive on foraging in the city rubbish dumps and not in the jungles as there are no more jungles with game, fruit, fresh water or timber for housing.

    It is a great wonder that there has been no armed uprising by the people and it just makes you wonder why? There must be a breaking point?

    Thus 2013 being the 50th year of Malayan colonial plunder and domination many of us will still be wondering what were the promises the Malayan made to us in exchange for "independence in Malaysia"?

    Why are we still being conned not just by UMNO and Pakatan politicians but also our own local "leaders" and sucking up this bullshit independence?




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