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Reasons for leaving Star amusing

By Rayner Wee, STAR Information Chief for Pantai Manis
PAPAR : In response to ex-Star member Bernard Mojikon's purported claim, as carried by Daily Express' Bahasa section yesterday, that Hj Baharudin Hj Nayan was the cause for Patrick Sindu to leave State Reform Party, we found it rather amusing and intriguing excuse.

Never in our knowledge that Hj Baharudin was "always going against Sindu" as Mojikon had claimed in the news report. In fact Hj Baharudin is the most steady and calm leader we have as far as openness and transparency are concerned.
If someone differs in opinion with you, you should not take it personally as going against you, for there is wisdom in differing views.

A leader should know how to listen to views of his or her peers and grassroots, and get a consensus to build on something positive for a collective benefit or development.

In fact in the best of my memory, Haji Baharudin had repeatedly said in Pantai Manis Star meetings that he would support whoever is selected by the party leadership to stand in election, including Patrick Sindu if he is nominated.

Mojikon is a witness to this, and he should be able to testify. 

Gone were the days when leaders make decision blindly behind his or her people. People want transparency and accountibility.     

So there is not truth whatsoever in the claim that Hj Baharudin was the cause for Sindu to leave Star and joined PKR.

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