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Of crooked minds, abuse of power, Raja Ropiaah & Najib's RED LIPS!

Written by  Mohd.Ariff Sabri
 See how people in positions abused their power? The PM, defence Minister, the management of LTAT. A division of LTAT, Boustead Holdings answerable to the Defence Minister, buys 80% of Astacanggih Sdn Bhd for RM30 million.
What does Astacanggih have? It has no property. It has no track record. It has an outstanding loan with Kuwait Finance House. That is a liability. It has an unsettled dispute over rights on a land of 200 acres that on paper, is still owned by Awan Megah Sdn Bhd.
So why buy Astacanggih? Where is the value? Why not ignore Astacanggih and concentrate on Awan Megah the company that has value? It has a contract to build a RM100 million Defence Research Center and legal rights over an estate of 223 acres in Kelang. Who the hell in LTAT recommended the purchase of Astacanggih?
The answer to the mystery is because Astacangih is majority owned by Deepak or his nominee companies. This guy is giving nightmares to the PM and his missus. He is also dragging the good name of Tun Razak’s family. It must be in the interest of the Great Leader, Kim Il Najib, that LTAT sprang into action. Stupid pun takpe. LTAT buys off Deepak for RM30 million and he has no standing any longer to sue RR (Raja Ropiaah). It is now clear; RR is more important to Najib and Rosmah and must be saved.
But why buy only 80%? Why not the whole 100%? Who owns the balance 20%? Maybe Raja Ropiaah or some Defence people. It’s funny why LTAT did not buy out 100% knowing the owner can do a Deepak stunt too. Unless that 20% is owned by friendly parties. In which case, we might as well say LTAT owns 100% of Astacanggih now.
We will have to assume that Astancaggih is 100% owned by LTAT through Boustead Holdings. Semua sama sahaja- penyamun tarbus.
That settles the amount which Deepak paid to Raja Ropiaah to gain control of a piece of land planned by MINDEF to build a defence training center. The purchase of Astancanggih by LTAT serves to confirm that Depak indeed has grounds over his dispute with Raja Ropiaah.
How did the amount of RM30 million come about?
Deepak pays money to Raja Ropiaah.
This is how: Deepak paid out RM13 million to Raja Ropiaah, RM8 million in political contributions, RM7 million of financial costs and RM2 million in legal and miscellaneous costs. Total RM30 million. The lady got RM13 million buta money, plus RM8 million for political contributions.
Where is the RM8 million?
The UMNO people in Raja Ropiaah’s division better checked how much was given to the division. The SOP of UMNO leaders is when they meet up with the Minister who will be the end user of the training center, will say- “boss, I promise to give X amount to the division. You know we need to spend money to regain Selangor and also ensure the coming delegates are solidly behind you. Najib will smile and write on the proposal paper- saya tidak ada halangan untuk cadangan ini, sila ambil tidakan dan beri saya lapuran susulan.
The actual usual practice among the thieves in UMNO is, they paid nothing to the division. The RM8 million may have been pocketed by her or may be given to the Defence Minister then or maybe to MINDEF people. Maybe. Many buayas there.
Did it begin with the 'red lips'
Let’s see how this scandal started. One day, Raja Ropiaah met up with Defence Minister Najib. Raja presented Red Lips Minister with a proposal. Boss, said Raja Ropiaah- I have checked. There’s this 223.33 acres plus land belonging to MINDEF. Its tanah milik kerajaan persekutuan. The state government has no jurisdiction. The stutterer MB cannot do anything. They are in 3 lots. Why don’t I propose to build a National Defence Center for the government on a cross subsidy basis? I build the center for RM100 million, the government pays me a certain amount in cash while the balance paid for by the MINDEF land in Klang. You pay us cash RM27 million and the balance in the form of land. 223 acres in Port Klang- Kementerian Pertahanan punya.
We will build you a national research center valued at RM100 million. We shall name it Pusat Pengajian Pertahanan Nasional (Puspahanas). Its 1 Malaysia standard.
Najib will say- have you checked with Bahagian Pembangunan to make sure we have title over the land? To which RR would have answered: - I have checked boss- indeed I have kautim some key people in Pembangunan. Sure the land is MINDEF’s.
Ok lah itu macam. Without waiting to be asked- boss, I am not greedy, I won’t take all the money. I will give some to the division and some to your slash fund. That Muhyidin has got the hungry look. His people are going around the country building support and will challenge you next year. We better get ready. I will make sure wanita members support you. Moreover they like your red lips.

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