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‘Jeffrey desperate because STAR falling apart’

By Joseph Bingkasan 
Angkatan Perubahan Sabah chief Wilfred Bumburing
has reminded STAR's Jeffrey Kitingan of his own
"cari makan politics" past.
KOTA KINABALU: Tuaran MP Wilfred Bumburing believes that State Reform Party (STAR) chief Jeffrey Kitingan’s incessant attacks on him is because of Angkatan Perubahan Sabah’s (APS) increasing presence in KadazanDusunMurut areas.
Bumburing said it was now obvious that Jeffrey, who’s been claiming absolute strength in KDM areas, was “desperate” because “STAR is falling apart since the formation of APS”.
He said the dissolution of the STAR Papar division last month with the exit of well-known activist Patrick Sindu and more than 1,000 members was an indication of the beginning. All of them joined PKR.
“My political history is well recorded and I need not have to elaborate.
“In contrast, the people in general especially Sabahans are well versed with the political record of Jeffrey Kitingan,” Bumburing said.
He also hit out at Jeffrey for accusing him of practicing “cari makan politics”.
“If l were to practise politics of “cari makan” then the best platform would be to remain in BN.
“Wouldn’t you find it very ironic for someone who left the comfort of a ruling party like BN to join the opposition camp and thereafter be labelled as practising ‘politics cari makan,”? he asked alluding to Jeffrey’s comments last weekend.
Bumburing reminded Jeffrey that he too had practiced the ‘cari makan’ politics and the latter’s own history of moving from party to party reflected this and his one deep desire to become the Chief Minister of Sabah.
“But with Jeffrey just ‘cari makan’ is not enough for him. He must ‘makan besar’.
“Jeffrey Kitingan mentioned about certain people who are prepared to sell their soul to secure position.
“Let me remind Jeffrey, lest he has forgotten about his own record.
“Did he not (once) join the federal government as a deputy minister? Can he also explain to the people about his application twice to become an Umno member? asked Bumburing.
APS not subservient
Bumburing als touched on Jeffrey’s accusation that APS was subservient to peninsular-based Pakatan Rakyat.
“Let me clarify that APS is not subservient to any party in Pakatan Rakyat. As announced by Anwar (Ibrahim) recently, APS together with PPPS is an equal partner in Pakatan Rakyat.
APS, he said, subscribed to the national agenda for change. Similar to the Borneo Agenda, the Kuching Declaration by Pakatan Rakyat is also the Borneo agenda of the opposition coalition.
He also alluded to Jeffrey’s version of the “kingmaker” role.
“Referring to my encounter with Jeffry in my house, I asked Jeffrey as to what he meant by a ‘kingmaker’ and I asked him to explain about his statement that he is ready to support BN.
“Jeffrey said that as a kingmaker he can bargain. I told him that if he is prepared to support BN then why bother to use STAR, might as well just join BN.
“But of course he won’t join any of the BN component parties because he will never be the number one there.
“I also reminded him about PBS. We won the state government but could not formulate and form changes because Umno is in control.
“And PBS always had to beg for whatever things it wanted.
“Our cry about the illegal immigrants and poverty in Sabah fell on deaf ears. Sabah had always been taken for granted and forgotten.


  1. Hahaha...
    Who is falling apart? WB and APS is so desperate that it will take PS as APS calun in Papar. STAR is so relieved to let PS go so that it can grow in strength in Papar.
    WB goes round supporting Amanah and PKR and is only macai. Who signs the caluns watikah? Can he even guarantee he or his appointees will be selected to contest because it can change at the last moment depending on PKR national leadership. In 2008, 8 PKR candidates were replaced by PKR KL leaders at the last minute. How sure is WB that it will not happen to him especially with lobbies from PKR ori?


    It is clear that PKR is out to continue the Malayan domination of Sabah by its blatant promotion of the new APS Party. This is being used to divide the unity of Sabahans.

    PKR could not find a willing Sabah Party to play stooge, so it got Bumburing to create one very likely with the main enticement and price of "Chief Minister" for him if they win.

    Bumburing was given a star welcome at the KL HKR #112 Rally and he even used the Sabah war cry INI KALI LAH! in his speech at the Merdeka Stadium on 12 January 2013. He is Anwar's man.

    However Sabahans must be alert to such well tried old tricks used over the past 50 years of Malayan colonisation of Sabah.

    The question is do we want more of this rotten stuff? Do want to "restore or repair" the broken relationship with Malaya? What ever for?

    PKR sees the broken relations with Sabah and Sarawak. This explains its election agenda is clearly announced to include closer integration of Sabah Sarawak with Malaya.

    What for?

    For 50 years, Sabah Sarawak were already integrated into the Malayan Federal system renamed "Malaysia" as its 12th and 13th (vassal) states.

    But Malayan political and military domination does not necessarily subjugate the minds of the SS peoples!

    So PKR under Anwar can feel this resistance to Malayan domination and wish to now use the local sell outs to make us feel closer to Malaya.

    Well, we all know that won't work at all!

    What we should be demanding is to be free from the Malayan colonial bondage for Sabah independence!

  3. I totally agree with your opinion sir.

    Bumburing and Lajim are two stooges of KL now.. The only difference was last time they were proxies of Umno - BN..

    Vote the traitors out.


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