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How can we be happy on the eve of UMNO agenda to disenfranchise all Sabahans?

The new year brings with it one clear and present danger to the peace loving people of Sabah. They are facing the likelihood of the electoral system being changed in such a way that the legitimate Sabah voter will be outnumbered by “illegals” instant voters created by UMNO rigging of the electoral system.

Last year (2012) PM Najib's many visits to Sabah were more than just to show his love and concern for the welfare of Sabahans.

In fact he was discussing with Sabah UMNO and organising the re-arranging of the voting pattern in Sabah.

“Illegals” used to stack electoral system

The rumours are out that many “illegals” are being “moved” on paper into constituencies where UMNO is weak to ensure its winning these seats and also into areas of Opposition domination to weaken the opposition numbers and win those seats. This is also happening in Malaya.

This means UMNO can engineer a landslide victory for the Sabah side of the elections. This will ensure that UMNO will retain power and get back its majority seats in the Federal Parliament.

Sabahans if you have not yet woken up- this plan to dis-empower and disenfranchise you is a clear and present danger to your freedom as citizens in your own country.

If UMNO succeeds, then the illegals effectively have been used to take over Sabah in terms of numbers.  Whether this is constitutional or not is another question. With their two third majority UMNO can further change the constitution and totally disenfranchise us.

Melayu raya crystallisation

This will complete the implementation of UMNO's Malay supremacist religious apartheid system imposed by stealth on Sabah oevr 50 years as part of its Melayu Raya (Greater Malaysia) agenda.

The  “Melayu  Raya”  concept  was  specifically  excluded  by  Point  5  of  the  Sabah  20  Points
Agreement with Malaya. It says:  “Malaysia” but not “Melayu Raya”. But it has become reality.

It explains the thinking behind the UMNO and Perkasa pronouncements that all non-Malays or Muslims  are  “pendatangs”.  But  Muslims  who  are  illegals  and  pendatangs  are  welcome  into Malaysia to bolster UMNO’s numbers stacking game.

We all feel angry over disenfranchisement in our own country in all areas spelt out in the 20 Points

One of the most important Points is on “Borneonisation” which was to put genuine Sabahans in charge of not just the civil service but embraces the control of our resources and finances.

Over 50 years Sabahans were sidelined and Malayanisation took place whereby Malayans were put in direct charge of our government machinery.

Then the people were disenfranchised when UMNO seized control of  our oil and land resources. All these had been done with the help of the local collaborators called “traitors” by many Sabahans and we know who they are.

Sabahans now have also to compete with illegals for jobs as in the oil palm plantations.

Sabah was turned into a one crop colonial oil palm plantation just as the former colonialists had turned Malaya into a one crop rubber plantation as a main source of the country's income dependent on the mercies of the world economy.

With over supply caused by the glut of oil palm plantations everywhere in Malaya Sabah Sarawak and Indonesia and other parts of the world competing for markets, it is no wonder that there is a rampant fear in Sabah of a crash in this industry.

Clear & present danger of losing control to illegals

All these disenfranchisements will pale in comparison to what will happen. It is a certainty that
UMNO will do anything to stay in power.

Short of another declaration of emergency rule, using “illegals” to out vote local Sabahans will look
“legitimate” and “democratic” at home and abroad.

So think seriously on how we can stop this UMNO move.

If UMNO wins we all have to endure another 50 years of colonial domination and it will be worse as in 50 years time the children of illegals will take over Sabah.

A simple fact can clarify a lot. The 1960 Census showed that Sabah had only 0.4% Brunei Malays (and they do not claim close relations with Malayan Malays). There were no other Malays in Sabah then!

The book “Lest We Forget” by Dr. Chong Eng Leong has figures showing that the “illegals” are now everywhere in Sabah.

Now more than half of Sabah's population are instant “Malays”. Where did they come from?  Like instant noodles, the “illegals” were manufactured by UMNO! It is all part of UMNO's power game and agenda for “Melayu Raya”.

This is not to scare any one  but to alert them to the danger that is staring at them.



    People all over the world have stood up to fight for real independence and most of them of gained their independence and achieved self-rule since the 1950s.

    Sarawak and Sabah are 2 exceptions in South East Asia.

    In the 1960s many Sarawak people resisted “Malaysia” as a new colonisation plan to transfer colonial rule from Britain to Malaya and demanded real independence. The British ignored their demands and coerced Sarawak into Malaysia under Malayan rule.

    After 50 years we have seen enough proofs with our own eyes that we were really re-colonised!

    Yet we are here still making kopi shop talk about not getting development funds etc when we have lost all our rights as equal citizens with “independence in Malaysia”.

    We did not get what they promised us.

    How can there be independence when Sarawak was independent on 22 July 1963 and then quickly swallowed up by the python Malaya on 16 September 1963?

    The history time line shows Sarawak (and Sabah) continued to be colonies-

    1. Sarawak was an independent state from 1841 to 1941
    2. Japan conquered and occupied Sarawak from (Dec) 1941 to 1945
    3. Britain seized control of Sarawak and made it a colony from 1945 to 1963
    4. Malaya was transferred the colonial power over Sarawak by Britain on 16 September 1963.

    Sarawak was a colony for the last 70 years.

    Real Sarawakians with pride in their country should not allow this foreign domination and rule to go on!

    So many of us young and old now can understand what patriotic Sarawakians said over 50 years ago- that “Malaysia” a new colonial plan by Britain and Malaya to keep us colonised!

    If we are really independent why are we being ruled directly from Kuala Lumpur. Should we not be functioning as an independent state like Brunei and Singapore?

    Brunei stayed out of Malaysia when the then Sultan smartly saw through UMNO’s Melayu Raya plan to dominate the Borneo colonies.

    Singapore was lucky to leave Malaysia by 1965 when it actually experienced the reality of UMNO domination plans.

    The “leader” of Sarawak and Sabah led us into the pythons mouth and some of them knowingly did so in betrayal of our interests for their own gain.

    Cont'd Part 2.

    Reposted- a comment by SARAWAKIAN PATRIOTS — from Hornbill Unleashed 06.01.2013

  2. Part 2.


    Today we suffer from their decision to sell out Sarawak and getting a ponzi deal out of being in Malaysia.

    “Ponzi deal” means that the Malayans took our wealth and gave us back just a little bit our own money and made us poorer in real terms than before 1963 while they built Malaya on our wealth. We don’t need to go into the many areas where they and their local collaborators cheated us with promises of “development” and where they abused their trust and “developed” themselves privately.

    The other ponzi or fraudulent part of the bargain is that Malaysia is fast being transformed into “Melayu Raya”.

    Point 5 of the Sarawak 18 and Sabah 20 Points Agreements with Malaya says simply in black and white –

    “Point 5: Name of Federation

    “Malaysia” but not “Melayu Raya”

    Point 5 reflected the real fears of Sabah and Sarawak people that UMNO would use Malaysia as a vehicle to create its “Melayu Raya” instead of an egalitarian multi-national “Malaysia”.

    The ‘Melayu Raya’ idea has come to the fore in the last 5 years when UMNO and its followers beat their racist domination drum more loudly and declared non “Malays” (a flexible term used to churn out instant foreign Muslims into “Malays” with the right to vote) and non Muslim people as pendatangs.

    How is it that not only the Chinese born and bred in Sarawak but also every other race including the majority Dayaks who are not Muslim not citizens in their own country Sarawak?

    So we have already got what we feared will be “Melayu Raya” 50 years ago. Under the NEP Malaya proceed to created a “Melayu Raya” after may 13 1969 replacing the “Malaysia” concept with UMNO’s supremacist religious Apartheid system.

    Is this not what POINT 5 is against?

    We did not get what they promised us and agreed to in writing. They broke the agreements. (They repudiated these agreement and treated them and the people with contempt!)

    But it does not mean we should just try to fix things up from this bad deal.

    We can also take Sarawak out of Malaysia. That is our right which was even denied to us!

    That means we must unite and fight to take back this right and take back our country Sarawak!

    Make that your new year resolution!

    reposted- comment by SARAWAKIAN PATRIOTS — from Hornbill Unleashed 06.01.2013


    This is comment is from Ar Risalah blog page on Brunei Independence.

    The writer makes 2 interesting comments at the end.

    By Zaminc
    When Sultan Omar Ali Saifudin III of Brunei did not declare that Brunei would agree to form Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman had tried to put pressure on Indonesia to recall hundreds of teachers and officers of Malaya on loan to the country. This would have led to administrative problems for Brunei.

    But the Sultan insisted on his stance. Among the things that were not agreed to by the Sultan during the negotiations with the Federation of Malaya, was the issue of the ranking of the Sultan of Brunei with the Malay Rulers (the issue of the Sultan's right to be the Head of State in the Federation).

    Another big thing that was not agreed to by the Sultan was in respect of taxes on oil revenue to be paid to the new Federal Government at 10% for 10 years and after that period the Federal Government would take over control of Brunei oil.

    Arguments that the formation of Malaysia could curb the threat of communism and to get early independence from the British finally was rejected by the Sultan for reasons not agree with the conditions above.

    Today Brunei is a sovereign country, a member of the United Nations (UN) and is a member of ASEAN. This means that it is its a country that is not only recognized by neighbouring countries with her, even internationally recognized.

    Today also the people of Brunei enjoy a per capita income among the highest, the lowest petrol prices, free education up to tertiary level and others.

    At the end of last year, the Brunei Government through the Minister of Energy has expressed his frustration openly as most locals still taken work in companies oil industry suppliers and contractors. The minister said that although Brunei welcomes foreign investment, but if it is not serious to give an opportunity to the local people, these companies are not required to be in Brunei.

    This is a stern warning and open. I believe that there are companies in the Oil and Gas industry will begin to pay serious attention.

    In a speech to mark the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin III, former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew said that when Singapore left Malaysia, Sultan Omar Ali has said in his "You are like Brunei. That is better for you"

    History is about a subject that has already gone and will never be able to be modified, but an interesting rhetorical question, what might happen should the Brunei agreed to form Malaysia together?

    (end item)

    [Comment: The answer is simple- look at poverty stricken Sabah and Sarawak now after 50 years of Malayan plunder of their resources!

    Both Brunei and Singapore would have gone through the same experience of being stripped of their wealth to develop Malaya and enrich many UMNOcrats and BN cronies.

    It is doubtful that the UMNO corruption would have changed directions. Further Brunei like Singapore would have split from Malaysia because they had stronger leadership than Sabah or Sarawak]

  4. This is the original text from Ar Risalah Blogpage

    Sejarah : Kenapa Brunei Tidak Bersama Malaysia?
    Oleh zaminc

    Apabila Sultan Omar Ali Saifudin III dari Brunei mengisytiharkan bahawa Brunei tidak akan bersama-sama membentuk Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman telah cuba untuk memberikan tekanan ke atas Brunei dengan memanggil balik beratus-ratus guru dan pegawai dari Tanah Melayu yang di pinjamkan kepada negara tersebut. Hal ini menyebabkan Brunei ketika itu menghadapi masalah pentadbiran.

    Namun Sultan masih tetap dengan pendirian nya. Antara perkara yang tidak dipersetujui oleh Sultan semasa rundingan dengan Persekutuan Tanah Melayu adalah kedudukan Kesultanan Brunei yang di letakkan di bawah sekali di dalam Majlis Raja-raja Melayu.

    Satu lagi perkara besar yang tidak dipersetujui oleh Sultan adalah berkenaan dengan cukai Pusat ke atas hasil minyak sebanyak 10% untuk selama 10 tahun dan selepas itu Pusat mahu mengambil alih kawalan minyak Brunei.

    Hujah-hujah bahawa dengan pembentukan Malaysia maka dapat membendung ancaman komunis dan untuk mendapatkan kemerdekaan awal dari British akhirnya telah di tolak oleh Sultan atas sebab-sebab tidak bersetuju dgn syarat-syarat di atas.

    Hari ini Brunei adalah sebuah negara yang berdaulat, ahli kepada Pertubuhan Bangsa-bangsa Bersatu (PBB) dan juga ahli kepada ASEAN. Ini bermakna ia nya sebuah negara yang diiktiraf bukan sahaja oleh negara-negara yang berjiran dgn nya, malah diiktiraf di peringkat antarabangsa.

    Hari ini juga rakyat Brunei menikmati pendapatan per kapita antara yang tertinggi, harga Petrol yang terendah, pendidikan percuma hingga peringkat tinggi dan sebagai nya.

    Pada akhir tahun lepas, Kerajaan Brunei melalui Menteri Tenaga nya telah melahirkan rasa kekecewaan secara terbuka kerana masih ramai rakyat tempatan tidak di ambil bekerja di syarikat-syarikat pembekal dan kontraktor industri minyak. Menteri tersebut berkata, walaupun Brunei mengalu-alukan pelaburan asing, namun jika tidak serius untuk memberikan peluang pada rakyat tempatan, syarikat-syarikat ini tidak dikehendaki untuk berada di Brunei.

    Ini adalah satu amaran keras dan terbuka. Saya percaya syarikat-syarikat yang ada di dalam industri Minyak dan Gas ini akan mula memberikan perhatian yang serius.

    Dalam satu ucapan, bagi memperingati Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin III, bekas Perdana Menteri Singapura Lee Kuan Yew berkata apabila Singapura keluar dari Malaysia, Sultan Omar Ali telah berkata pada nya "Kamu sudah seperti Brunei. Itu adalah lebih baik untuk kamu"

    Sejarah adalah satu perkara yang telah pun berlalu dan tidak akan sesekali dapat di ubah, Namun satu soalan retorik yang menarik, apakah yang mungkin berlaku andainya Brunei bersetuju untuk bersama-sama membentuk Malaysia?


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