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‘Enough with the warnings, haul up Ibrahim’

K Pragalath, FMT
MIC Youth wants stern action against Perkasa
chief Ibrahim Ali, who has called on
Muslims to burn the Al-Kitab.
MIC Youth has urged Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein to stop pussy-footing around the contentious call by Perkasa chief, Ibrahim Ali, to burn the Malay Bible and instead take immediate action against him.
“MIC Youth wants Hishammuddin to take action against Ibrahim.
“Ibrahim’s irresponsible action of inciting hatred against another religion can lead to this nation’s instability,” said the party’s Youth secretary, C Sivarraajh.
He was reacting to Ibrahim who urged Muslims to burn Malay Bibles known as the Al-Kitab which bore the term”Allah”.
Ibrahim, who is also Pasir Mas MP, made the call on Saturday in reaction to reports that the Al-Kitab is being distributed to Muslim schoolchildren.
He said this at a Perkasa convention held in Penang.
Following that call, DAP chairman Karpal Singh and a group of individuals have lodged police reports.
Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail, meanwhile, told FMT that action will be taken only after the law had been breached.
Describing Ibrahim’s call as “outrageous”, Sivarraajh said that it is time Ibrahim is brought to book since he has raised racial and religious sensitivities in the past.
“Even though he has been warned many times, but he’s still walking the same way and using the same old tune which made other people hate him,” said Sivarraajh.
In a related development, a little known group called Pasukan Bertindak Anti Bible Bahasa Melayu (Anti-Malay-Bible Action Force), urged Muslims to join in the “Malay Bible burning festivities” on Jan 27 in Penang.

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    (Excerpts on comments reposted from Horn bill Unleashed)


    We should stand up for our rights including freedom of worship and religion.

    But we should not get sucked into the UMNO Perkasa plan to create an emergency situation to remain in power. This is becoming more imminent as it looks like UMNO BN will lose power at the elections.

    The best way to deal with the engineered religious crisis is to go and vote UMNO BN out for good with a total defeat at the polls. If you all can produced a major defeat of UMNO it will have diminish its chances of exploiting the religious issues.

    A hung parliament will prolong the agony!

    This new documentary film reveals that Mahathir had a practice run in creating such an emergency in Sabah.

    In 1985 Mahathir and Tun Mustapha were implicated in an attempt to seize power in Sabah by creating an emergency situation and also attempts to create a religious issue with attacks on mosques.

    And for the first time is it revealed that Filipinos were a “rent a crowd” in the series of violent demonstrations and bombings which led to a 39 day curfew in Sabah and 5 deaths.

    Mahathir has confessed and confirmed the RCI facts that he engineered rigging of the electoral system in Sabah with instant voters.

    It is not hard to link this with the 1985 Sabah events.

    (a comment from Wikisabah News)

    "The drama that is unfolding across the 3 countries
    in Malaysia has a strong tinge of karma. UMNO has for 55 years dominated Malaya and 50 years in Sabah and Sarawak in a vile and corrupt fashion. Its days of supremacy and dictatorship is drawing to an end.

    Today the facts and figures are falling into place and making sense.

    Over 50 years ago our predecessors and not a few who are still alive opposed the British/Malaya proposals for the Malaysia Federation Plan and warned that this was a plan to re-colonise us.

    This is what the younger generation Wilfred Kaban is also saying. The younger generation can see and analyse the events better because of the emerging details which have been kept as secrets for many years.

    "The SAPP “manifesto” by Wilfred Gaban sets out the reasons. He said:

    “The purported goal of this federation was economic prosperity and security. However, we all know today that the goal had been hijacked by a greedy Malaya. Soon after the formation of the Federation the Malaya government was hijacked by the ultra Malays who were motivated by race and religion.

    They started to have this grand vision of Malay supremacy and Islamization of the whole Malaysian federation.”

    50 years is 50 years overdue on the Sabah Sarawak de-colonisation question."

    The documentary points out that the forces behind the scenes attempted to exploit religion as an issue to stir up Muslims against Christians which is what is happening now.

    Watch and listen to what is said in this video.


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