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Candidates taking politics into schools

KUCHING: The opposition has accused potential candidates of Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) of politicising educational matters despite the call not to do so by deputy Parliament Speaker Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaffar.
Bandar Kuching MP Chong Chieng Jen said SUPP election candidates were officiating at the distribution of the federal government’s RM100 aid to students of schools in constituencies where they will contest.
“They are using the education department and schools as their tools to project their image.
“This is typical of Barisan Nasional politicising educational matters even to the extent of bringing politics into primary schools,” claimed Chong, who is also Sarawak DAP secretary.
Chong, who is also Kota Sentosa assemblyman, was reacting to ground reports of SUPP’s potential candidates promoting themselves with these cash aids.
Citing examples, Chong said in Kuching, Wilfred Yap, who is to contest the Stampin parliamentary seat, distributed the RM100 aid to students of SRB Chung Hua Batu, while Bandar Kuching candidate Tan Kai officiated at similar functions at other Chinese schools in the constituency.
In Miri, SUPP’s potential candidate Sebastian Ting officiated at the distribution to students of SK St Columba.
Said Chong: “While Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar, MP for Santubong and deputy Speaker of Parliament, called on the people not to politicise educational matters, especially the distribution of RM100 assistance to primary schools, SUPP is using the occasion to project the image of its candidates.
“Some of the primary schools have to wait for Tan Kai to be free to distribute the fund to the students.
“Some schools received the money early this week, while others have to wait until later this week or even next week for Tan Kai to be free. Parents and student also have to wait.”
Chong added that by keeping parents and student waiting, SUPP is using the distribution as a “publicity stunt” to promote its candidates.
He pointed out that the money should, in fact, have been given to the parents when schools opened two weeks ago as that was the time when parents needed money most to buy textbooks, exercise books and shoes.
“Why does the education department want to make students and parents wait to cater to the busy schedule of Tan Kai and other BN’s potential candidates to give away the money?” Chong asked.
“This is surely bringing politics into the schools. I, for one, rightfully am entitled to go to Chung Hua Primary School No 3 to collect the fund on behalf of my children. But I refrained and instead I asked my wife,” he said.

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  1. This article is so one-sided as only Mr. Chong's opinions were sought. Nevertheless, Mr. Chong gave himself away. While SUPP Youth SG Wilfred Yap and Chief Tan Kai rose to the occasion and went to the schools to speak to the students as their role model, Mr. Chong sent his wife. This suggests that either he has nothing important to say to the students OR he deems them too insignificant.


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