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Bumburing’s frontman, PKR leader in punch-up

Despite Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s assurance
that all is well in Sabah PKR, skirmishes between
original and 'new' party members indicate otherwise.
KOTA KINABALU: All is not good within Sabah PKR, if a recent punch-up in Kota Belud is any indication.
A heated argument over who is the “more rightful” PKR candidate in Sabah led to punches between two local leaders from Kota Belud.
The punch-up was between the leaders of “PKR ori (originals)” and PKR photocopy (Wilfred Bumburing’s Angkatan Perubahan sabah-APS- members)
Mail Balinu, who is with APS, was allegedly flattened with one blow by one Minsin Sompong, from the other faction.
Both men, who are from the Kadamaian state constituency under the Kota Belud parliamentary seat, about 70km from here, were apparently engaged in a heated conversation when Sompong lost his head.
PKR officials quickly stepped in to prevent any fallout.
The one-sided brawl only came to light after a series of squabbles and intimidation between the “PKR ori” and “PKR photocopy” (non-PKR members members of APS and PPS [Pakatan Perubahan Sabah] led by Beaufort MP Lajim Ukin who defected from Umno-BN).
Both APS and PPS have been actively working the ground here as support for PKR continues to rise.
Bumburing’s frontman
A local PKR leader from Kota Belud, who requested anonymity, told FMT that the duo were quickly separated by friends and that Balinu managed to stand up after a few seconds.
Balinu was pacified and urged not to lodge official report either with the party or police upon the advice of other leaders including Bumburing.
Balinu, like Bumburing, was with Upko-BN until recently. They both left to tie up with opposition coalition Pakatan Rakyat.
Balini is seen as Bumburing’s frontman and a potential candidate for PKR for Kadamaian.
According to sources, the incident was set off when Sompong was reported to have said to Balinu that “he and Bumburing’s APS were in PKR to disturb the party”.
When Balinu tried to defend his stance, Sompong, a long-time member of PKR, allegedly punched him hard.
Other potential PKR candidates for Kadamaian are said to be its former candidate in 2008, Lukia Indan and Uku Malajad, whom Sompong is supporting.


  1. Nah Bumnburing punya orang kuat bertumbuk oh..

    Tampar menampar tiada ka Datuk ? Alaa biasalah kan Datuk

  2. I heard this KDM leader too love punching and slapping his poor Dusun in Tenghilan, Tuaran.. especially if he is on a goroi or luping ...


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