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Joe Fernandez notices...

In 15/11/2012 Borneo Post, the CM denies that Sabah is the poorest in M'sia.

The figures on poverty in Sabah & S'wak were in fact revealed by the World Bank at STAR (Shangrila Tanjung Aru Resort) in KK in Dec 2010.

The WB used figures from EPU and SPUs in KK & Kuching.

Sabah is the poorest, S'wak is the 2nd poorest in M'sia.

The poverty level is further aggravated by the fact that there's a huge gap between the haves & have-nots in both Nations in M'sia. This means that the poor are even poorer than what the official figures show.

All these can be Googled. Malaysiakini and other stories.

Recently, Minister in the PM's Dept Mohd Nor Yakop revealed in Parliament that Nabawan with a 70 per cent poverty rate was the poorest in M'sia.

The story which appeared in local papers can be Googled.

Internal Colonisation policies are behind the high poverty of Sabah & S'wak.

An additional reason, in the case of Sabah, is handing out MyKads to impoverished hordes from the Philippines & Indonesia.

The WB has also commented on this policy by warning that "Sabah was chasing its tail in poverty eradication" with the impoverished hordes entering official figures.

This story can be Googled. Malaysiakini and other stories. -- Joe Fernandez

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