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Compulsory mosques in new housing will polarise society

KOTA KINABALU –  The National Evangelical Christian  Fellowship (NECF) Commission on Sabah Affairs (COSA) is against the compulsory building of mosques in new housing projects in Sabah as a blanket policy.

This is our stand in response to recent suggestions that the state government exempt premium on land given up by developers for the construction of mosques, and that a site for a surau or mosque be compulsorily allocated in every low and medium cost housing project, before approval for the housing project is given to developers.
NECF-COSA is concerned that such a move may lead to religious polarisation in the state and affect the religious harmony unique to Sabah.

The proposal for such a blanket policy is misguided as there has never been any problem in gaining approval for the building of mosques and suraus. On the other hand, it is the non-Muslim places of worship that have been subject to unnecessary delays in obtaining approval for their building plans and in land acquisition applications.

Sabah has long enjoyed harmony and tolerance among its multi-religious populations in a way that is not experienced to the same degree in Peninsula Malaysia. Some households even have members of different faiths living under one roof.

From a practical standpoint, non-Muslim house buyers may eventually end up having to shoulder the added cost to build the mosques passed on to them by developers.

It is irresponsible for individuals, regardless of their political affiliation, to raise such a controversial proposal in their individual capacity as it concerns the religious harmony Sabahans have long enjoyed. Such matters should only be pursued through the State Legislative Assembly and with prior consultation and consensus with leaders of other religions, housing developers and house buyers.

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    An article written by Iskandar Dzulkarnain "Malaysia – the Islamic state" was printed in Hornbill Unleashed Sarawak.

    It was labelled as dark humour piece on a perceived puritan Islamic state which PAS is insistent on championing one day in the future.

    A response was made to the web publication and reposted below:


    Prior to 1963 in Sabah and Sarawak we enjoyed the tradition and practice of religious and racial tolerance.

    Most unfortunately since we became Malayan colonies in 1963 our hitherto harmonious society has been by stages turned into a extremist religious and racist society primarily by the colonising force UMNO.

    A ridiculous example was the little Kuching boy who was punished by the school religious teacher for sharing his pork fried rice. Then the recent shocking event of Orang Asli school boys who were slapped for not reciting compulsory Muslim prayers. The attempt to ban the Malay version of the Bible is another disturbing example. The other is the infiltration of 80,000 “religious teachers” (into Sarawak) from Malaya.

    How can we tolerate this imposition of extremist religious beliefs which contradicts Prophet Mohammed teachings.

    We must all respect each others human rights and religions but why should we tolerate this type of religious fascism and nonsense for one day longer?

    This means that our 18 and 20 Points Rights which we are still fighting for to be implemented will be thrown out entirely and we become colonised in an Islamic State.

    This is not alarmist but a warning that we in Sabah Sarawak must fight harder for our independence from this satanic puritanical nightmare!

    We don’t want to live in a medieval society described by the writer where human freedoms are non existent. We don’t want to be enslaved by a man made religion which denies human rights!

    It could happen to us in Sabah Sarawak where our political leaders are weak and easily bent to the will of UMNO and whoever comes to power in Malaya.

    Brothers and sisters this is one vital reason for us to fight for freedom and regain our real independence which the British nominally gave us as a con to lure us into neo-colonial Malaysia.

    In a free and independent Sabah and Sarawak we will restore our rights as reflected in the 18/20 Points and universally accepted human rights and freedom.

    We have not advanced any further from 1963 as so-called "partners" in Malaysia. We have actually lost our independence.

    Why should we give up our independence to be ruled colonised and robbed by a foreign government?

    Sarawak was an independent country from 1841-1941.

    Comment by ANTI-MALAYAN COLONIALISM! — November 6, 2012


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