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Slain assailant paid tribute to Dr M

PETALING JAYA: Khalil Afandi Abd Hamid, who was gunned down when he went on a rampage at the Prime Minister’s Office, had praised Dr Mahathir Mohamad and poured scorn on Najib Tun Razak.

In his last posting, the 47-year-old blogger described the former premier as the “kindest human being” whom he had come across in Malaysia.

Khalil added that he would “very much agree” if Mahathir wanted to become the prime minister again.

However, he noted that Mahathir might not choose to do so since he was old and frequently fell ill.
He also claimed that Mahathir deliberately moved the sodomy and corruption charges against his former deputy Anwar Ibrahim because the latter would “bring a huge catastrophe” for the nation.
“You can ask Mahathir about this,” he said.

Khalil criticised Anwar for idolising the late Indonesian president Gus Dur, saying that like the latter, “Anwar too was blind in sight and heart”.

In the lengthy June 30 posting in Jaya Negara, Khalil cautioned readers about Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

“…do not follow this man with little hair [on his head]… this old man is a liar,” he wrote.

PAS, Sultan not spared
Not sparing those in PAS, Khalil took a swipe at spiritual leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, president Abdul Hadi Awang and Ulama council head Harun Din.

“You have been praying every night, shivering and crying in your prayer. For years, you have been doing this, and I am curious why Allah does not love you?” he asked in reference to the trio.

In another paragraph, he said that Nik Aziz prayed for “the eyes of voters to be blinded and that they be allowed to only see the moon [PAS' official logo]”.

Without mincing his words, Khalil also launched a vitriolic attack on the Sultan of Selangor with regard to him being the protector of Islam in the state.

Apart from this, he also criticised independent preacher Kazim Elias.

“Is it right for him to claim that ‘pencuri Islam’ [Muslim thieves] who do not eat pork have iman [faith]?

“Muslim thieves who do not eat pork can enter heaven whereas Chinese towkays who get robbed but eat pork are cast into hell,” he added.

Khalil also condemned those who criticised Christians and lamented that the Islam practised now had degenerated.

‘We will meet again’
Towards the end of his posting, Khalil said this would be his final meeting with the readers in the form of his writings.

“But it is certain that we will meet again and I promise to end my duties so that I can go [home] without having to return again,” he added.

The posting, titled “Hidup dan Mati… apa yang dipertaruhkan”, had drawn 98 comments from readers, including Khalil’s responses to their questions.

In one particular reply, Khalil had described himself as a person without rules, and that it was difficult to change.

He also alluded to having a problem with managing anger, which prompted him to stop working eight years ago because he was “tired of being angry with others”.

“When fate decrees, let us see if my anger can overcome their pride… I have not been defeated in any battle be it physical or mental…,” he stated.

Khalil and his female accomplice were shot when they whipped out samurai swords, held a policeman hostage and smashed several cars at Complex B of the Prime Minister’s Department yesterday.

Khalil, who was shot twice, succumbed to his injuries while his unidentified accomplice was undergoing treatment at Hospital Putrajaya.

News reports claimed that Khalil considered himself an Imam Mahadi, a Muslim leader who would restore justice and return mankind to the path of God before the End of Time.

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