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Malaysia Day's Janji Tak DiTepati Rakyat DiBohongi

What a East Malaysian think on the eve of Merdeka
In the past 55 years and more, they have made us poorer still
After more than 50 years of "Janji tak diTepati, Rakyat selalu diBohongi", Iet us say goodbye to UMNO BN. Is this coming GE 13 (PRU 13) the end of BN in Sabah? Sabahans must realise that they have replaced the white men imperialist's colonialism with brown skin UMNOputras.
In the year 1963, people of Sabah and Sarawak were conned or sweet-talked to join Malaysia; and later still, UMNO either branded them as "pendatang" and now classify them into Bumi versus non Bumi. Even if they were classified Bumi, their status are second class Bumi only unlike the peninsular Bumis (Malays mostly) who are more privileged.
They made a lot of empty promises and until today we remained the poorest in the country. Look how pathetic we are still.
They have even hijacked their own religion Islam and started to call us non-Muslims like as if we are non-humans or subhumans (remember how Hitler's Nazi Germans treated the Jews and other non-Germanic peoples as Untermenschen) and treated us like second class citizens too like they treated the Chinese and the Indians.
                                      Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop
Only the Malays and Muslims (or the Mamak Malays like Mahathir and his other half-Indian crony Nor Yakcop who nearly bankruped the country speculating Bank Negara forex reserves) are accorded first class Bumi status. 
Believe it or not, hotels in Sabah and Sarawak still serve pork unlike West Malaysia. For that matter, hotels even in Indonesia, Turkey and Dubai still serve pork. Only in Malaysia Boleh country, haram food is given a new stricter meaning i.e. " If as a first class Muslim (Malay) what I cannot eat; you also cannot touch because it is sensitive to us Muslims.
Things had come to a stage that "if we puasa during the month of Ramadan, you not only cannot eat in our presence you should not be handling food or operating any eateries too - just like what we are forbidden to do".
"If we impose Islamic hudud laws (in UMNOnised Malaysia Boleh country) it also meant the non Muslims must abide by our rules and laws. If you want to stay in my country you obey my rules. Otherwise you balik India, balik Cina." This is UMNO philosophy whether you like it or not. This is their Ketuanan Melayu country. But where are we supposed to go if we don't accept their rules?
Jump into the deep blue sea or take a dive down Mount Kinabalu?
We the natives of Sabah and Sarawak have no say in what they want to impose on the land. They rape and plunder our jungles for its vast riches like it belongs to their great grandfathers. Our so-called native customary rights (NCR) are simply rode roughshod in their pursuit of wanton greed. They demand unquestionable special Malay rights but we get nothing even when we are called Bumi in Sabah and Sarawak. They practised double standards just the same as over in the peninsula.
They have forgotten that the love of money in their greed and corruption is the root of all kinds of evil. These UMNO devils have also forgotten that Malaysia was formed by 3 separate entities: Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak. These UMNO scumbags think that Sabah and Sarawak are merely the 13th and 14th states of Malaya. If that was so why change the name to Malaysia. 
They forgot the original agreement  was equality with Malaya as a whole. The federation of Malaysia was formed when these three separate countries - Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak - came together to establish a bigger new country. Brunei opted out first and then Singapore left. Look how advanced and prosperous they are now compared to us after we joined Malaysia.
We are going nowhere. 
To get around the illegals via the scandalous Projeck M issue, they sent their corrupt immigration and police force here so that we will be subservient to them and not treated as equals. This is exactly how Barisan Nasional operates here: they suppress our indigenous native rights so they can have a free hand to rape and plunder our abundant natural resources for the benefit of the first class Bumi in the peninsula especially the UMNOputras.
We the natives of Sabah and Sarawak remain the poorest of the country as a whole and the most poverty stricken in the land. By keeping us weak and backward they hope we have no means to oppose them in their rampant corruption.
UMNO is the top dog while the rest get crumbs only. It is this total unashamed apartheid policy by UMNO and their BN gang which is destroying us and our country. Domino effect hopefully takes over from here...more to come from Sabah..and likely Sarawak also...what goes around comes's called karma.


  1. Kalau kita suru mereka berpakaian seperti orang moden, adakah mereka ingin? Jika kita memberikan mereka segala kemudahan moden adakah mereka akan ubah cara hidup mereka?

    1. jika anda seorang yang prihatin anda tidak akan berkata begitu, iaitu mempersoalkan kutuhan budaya suatu bangsa atau kaum, jika mereka menolok untuk menjadi moden maka biarkan mereka hidup selesa mengikut cita rasa kelangsungan budaya mereka, kerajaan yang prihatin tidak sepatutnya mengambil kesempatan dari keadaan mereka yang menolak untuk berubah menjadi moden dengan merampas hak mereka untuk hidup aman di tanah peninggalan nenek moyang mereka.
      adakah anda rasa bahawa manusia yang tidak mengikut trend arus ketamadunan dunia yang moden itu tidak layak hidup didunia ini?.adakah anda rasa mereka sepatutnya layak menerima penindasan kerana enggan berubah menjadi moden..?
      ada tertulis bahawa keselesan hidup manusia itu bukan pada mewh tau modennya mererka, tapi jaminan keselesaan hidup manusia itu terletak pada hak asasi mereka(bermakna tiada penindasan dan patut mengamalkan budaya saling menghormati sesama manusia)

    2. OUR LIFE BEFORE & AFTER 1963-

      Many thanks to the author for saying all those things with the pictures. They sum up our fate in "Malaysia".

      This article sadly reflects on the changes in "East Malaysia" since 1963.

      Many can identify the simple democratic values we had then and now.

      What "democratic values"? These values were our practice of a harmonious and tolerant society on a people to people level.

      Since Sabah and Sarawak were made part of a new "country Malaysia" we have seen 2 resource rich countries re-colonised and stripped clean of their wealth in 50 short years? Why?

      Why has it taken us intellectuals so long to see this destruction of our way of life before we started to question what has happened to our society?

      By comparison we had better life in a bygone era, our age of innocence.

      Independence should bring with it the betterment of the people's lives and socio economic progress not social regression greater poverty and a more repressive and backward culture.

      In other words we remained colonies by a switch from the old to a new colonial master.

  2. Budaya kita harus kita jaga jangan ditelan oleh zaman moden yang semakin mencabar kebudayan kita.

  3. jangan ada terpnggir dari arus pembangunan.

  4. Berpakaian moden pun tapi fikiran sempit tiada guna juga.Mereka ini tidak semestinya berpakaian begini, tapi tidak apa-apa.

  5. bandingkan keadaan negara kita dulu dan sekarang, kita perlu mengakui bahawa, kita sudah semakin membangun berbanding dulu.

  6. Janji perlu ditepati..Jangan janji tinggal janji.


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