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An independent report by Morgan Stanley economist on corrupt Malaysia

A Morgan Stanley economist estimated Malaysia lost US$100 billions, that is equivalent to RM300 billions (not millions) to corruption. Time Magazine quoted this economist at Morgan Stanley in Singapore as saying that the country might have lost as much as US$100 billion since the early 1980s or the period since Mahathir came to power. FYI, RM300 billion = 300,000, 000 million. A  stupendous sum that is at the same time, mind-numbing.
A. The staggering losses accumulated over the years since Mahathir's era till now are as follows: Perwaja RM10 billion. Forex fiasco in early 90s RM30 billion. mid-80s Maminco scandal RM1.6 billion. Incessant Bank Bumiputra Scandals RM10 billion. STAR-LRT bailout RM3.256
billion. RM38.5 billion compensation to UMNO-linked highway companies. KL City-wide Putra transport system RM4.486 billion. PKFZ 12 billion. Bank Islam RM700 million. MV Agusta & Proton RM 348 million. Wang ehsan, oil royalty for Terengganu RM7.4 billion. Even KLCC Twin Towers Philharmonic Orchestra swallowed a total of RM500 million. Bailouts of Malaysia Airline System RM7.9 billion. RM3.2 billion in teaching Maths and Science in English over 5 years that goes nowhere. Military jets and submarines to 2 UMNO crony companies IMT Defence and Perimekar  RM910 million. RM1.3 billion wasted on white-elephant Customs, Immigration & Quarantine (CIQ) facilities - on cancellation of Mahathir's scenic Crooked Bridge to Singapore . National Service Training Programme yearly estimate of RM 500 million. RM 4.63 billion ’soft-loan’ to PKFZ. RM250 million in NFC Cowgate scandal. RM160 million for 300 computer labs in Sabah – only 2 completed.  RM29 mil Tsunami Warning System doesn’t work. For more details that cannot be listed here, please refer the following website:
UMNO and their BN cronies are among the world’s biggest laughing-stock, in some other countries they would have been charged with treason and jailed. Here we have Malaysia Boleh cynicism.
B.    RM800million a day due to capital flight.  Malaysia Chronicle: “For the first decade of the 21st century, Malaysia has lost a staggering RM1.08 trillion (US$338 billion = RM800million a day) in illicit outflows which is the fourth highest in the developing world. Meanwhile, The Global Financial Integrity (GFI) reported in January that RM930 billion flowed out of Malaysia from 2000 to 2008. The report elaborated further by stating that the increase was “at an unprecedented scale seen in few Asian countries”.
Economists Sarah Freitas and Dev Kar, who is a former senior economist at the International  Monetary Fund or IMF, stressed that these illicit outflows are basically illicit transfers of the proceeds of bribery, theft, kickbacks and tax evasion." In other words, it refers to corruption money or black money that is obtained illegally by people in high places.
C. Putrajaya only had 6,008 voters but Opposition-held Kapar had a staggering 112,224 voters, 17 times more than Putrajaya.  Deceit; gerrymandering; State-controlled media; vote-buying; phantom voters; rigging of postal votes; useless invisible ink, new voters from illegal free-MyKad immigrants, and taxpayer-funded public property used to swing votes for incumbent UMNO government.
D.  You need a giant civil rights movement akin to that of great Martin Luther King. It is glaring apartheid in Malaysia under the label of ‘Bumiputra First or Ketuanan Melayu.  How can a race be treated superior to another, especially when they work the least and demand more and more. The crime of apartheid is defined by the 2002 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court as inhumane acts of a character similar to other crimes against humanity "committed in the context of an institutionalized neo-Nazi like fascist regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group or groups and committed with the intention of maintaining that racist regime in power." That best described and about sums up the corrupt UMNO regime in this country.
On 30 November 1973, the United Nations General Assembly opened for signature and ratification of the International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid. [1] It  defined the crime of apartheid as "inhumane acts committed for the purpose of establishing and maintaining domination by one racial group of persons over any other racial group of persons and systematically oppressing them."
E.  Malaysia has neither transparency and accountability of any real human rights, neither is there freedom of the media nor true democracy. The blacks may be only 14% of US population, if Obama can be US President, a Mamak Indian can be Malaysia Boleh PM also...think about it!  How tragically you’ve been treated.
by Alan Newman
After you have digested the above report, now read this.
Ketuanan Melayu politicised to destroy Malay rights
I am Ketuanan Melayu
Ketuanan Melayu or Malay supremacy is "purposely being blown out of proportion" by certain opposition parties and their supporters for political mileage, Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said today. Whether this UMNO scumbag realised it or not, it is yet another slap on the face of his 1Malaysia proponent, Ah Jib Gor. Supreme in what? Everything also count on others (non-Malays) to do and all these racists love to pull the carpet from under their feet. This is not the real Islam we know of which only professes that God is supreme and all else comes under his footstool. Indeed these ultra racist neo-Nazi characters who profess Ketuanan Melayu supremacy are faithless and misguided souls or mindless zombies. They belong to a weird religion other than Islam. Their God is money, laziness, sex and worshipping the devil in their immoraliry and lust of power and greed.
To Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, let's tell him Malay supremacy is reflected in his utter cowardice - like a dog with his tail hidden between his hind legs - in not daring to go to Paris to attend French court. Also reflected in the sailor's tales of the unsubmersible Scorpenes. Also in rampant UMNOputra corruption. Also in paranoid obsession on who screwed whom (another Sodomy 3 even before Sodomy 2 is over?) and also in your faithless attitude towards other human beings. Yes, we agree that in the Planet of the Apes, your Ketuanan Melayu types would be supreme if the apes allowed you to act BODOH . Just because you put on a brigadier-general's army uniform you think and act like a Malay supremacist? How dumb and stupid can you be? Where's your discipline of mind and spirit? You dare not even face the law in France.
BTW can you please be more specific and name the items that were 'blown out of proportion' in tour wild accusations? Why can't Malaysia prosper with all races moving together? Ahmad Zahid, you are just insulting the ordinary Malays and bumiputras. You are like saying the Malays being bumiputras will always - and forever be left behind. In other words, you are saying the Malays will always be handicapped physically, mentally, spiritually, economically and material-wise. Why? Because of you UMNO bastards, that's why.
Ahmad Zahid, for once in your wretched life, just name the minsters who are fully pure Malays (Melayu tulen) and please no names of professed Malays and celup Malays. Starting from Mahathir aka Mamakutty. Who actually exploited the Malays by abusing their constitutional privileges and left the majority poor Malays with only their religion to feel proud about. The answer is well known and that's UMNO, mind you. So go tell your lies somewhere else. You UMNO bastards even abuse the religion of Islam to serve your selfish agenda and political interests.
The rest of the rakyat including the majority poor Malays are suffering ever-rising high cost of living, substandard government services, a weak currency against the increasing National Debt which will eventually fall on the rakyat’s lap and the final outcome will be similar to what Greece and some of the European countries are going through now. When the country’s natural resources and revenues run dry because of UMNO's plunder and pillage (read the Morgan Stanley report above) we will be in serious trouble as our manufacturing and services sectors are weakening year after year due to stiffer competition from our neighbours.
Another factor is drainage of our currency due to foreign workers like Bangla and Indon labourers repatriating their earnings to their home countries. The ringgit is more likely than not currently being cornered by money market speculators. When they dump on us or short-sell then our currency will experience the same fate that we experienced in 1997/98 that caught Mamakutty is an ugly mood and he gave Anwar Ibrahim a black eye. Is that what you meant by Ketuanan Melayu where no one can go against your hurt pride and arrogance?
Obviously, Zahid Hamidi does not accept the real history of British Malaya but is only quoting the UMNO-doctored version. If he says that "every other race living in the country had had accepted that this country "is originally a Malay country". He is grossly wrong in his fatal attraction with Ketuanan Melayu.
The early UMNO party members forced the British's hands to put it into the original Constitution that Malays are backward and need to be given some handicaps to catch up with other races in terms of economic and social development. At the material time in the pre Merdeka era the Malays and non-Malays were about equal in status. The MCA and MIC amalgamated with UMNO to form the Alliance party as equal partners. This the Chinese and Indians agreed upon until the Malays have found their firm footing. However, Abdul Razak Hussein and subsequently others, especially Mahathir Mohamad, twisted the interpretation of the Constitution to create a UMNOputra class of Malay supremacists who helped themselves to the cake (special Malay rights/Ketuanan Melayu crapshit) with the Mamakutty going a step further to use the 2/3s majority he had with the help of MCA, MIC and other subservient parties in BN to exploit all races including the ordinary Malays and enrich themselves and their cronies. UMNO's current obsession with Ketuanan Melayu is a figment of their own imagination. Realising that the non-Malays are no longer a threat in terms of their dwindling populations, UMNO is trying to act like the bully. A bully suffering from an inferiority complex, that is.
UMNO has to stop living in the past and look to the future if it is to survive the current Malaysian political landscape. Should we forever be a Malay, Chinese or Indian country? If not, when should we start extricating ourselves from such divisive identities if not now? Everyday delayed is not just another day of abuse of power and rampant corruption in the name of Ketuanan Melayu privileges, or special Malay rights. And another day goes by where Malaysia slips behind as the rest of our neighbours, never mind the world, move forward to seize their day in the sun. We Malaysians must shed our communal differences, be confident and proud that all it takes is hard work and diligence on the part of everyone to be successful, and not skin colour or religion or aristocratic class, and forge ahead. But no, these socalled UMNOputras rather prefer their cake and eat it on their own, without lifting a finger. The above Stanley Morgan report is already an eye-opener per se.
There is a distinct difference between the UMNOputras or UMNO Malays, the idiotic supremacist owners and rulers of this nation of many races and the ordinary Malays who are in abject poverty. All these UMNO Malays like to spew nonsense and racist filth and keep the other ordinary Malays and all other Malaysians divided. Obviously this so-called Defence Minister, Ahmad Zahid does not know what he is talking about when he said that Ketuanan Melayu is 'still relevant' for improving the livelihood of the Malay community as a whole. Are you saying that all this while UMNO had failed them these past 54 years? If that is the case why not give the Pakatan Rakyat a chance to rule as the alternative government in Putajaya. Say for 10 years? We don't mind it if PAS wants their version of Ketuanan Melayu to uplift the poor Malays so long as they do not stoop to discriminating the deserving non-Malays. By the way, no corruption and abuse of power, please.
An interesting note is when quoting former prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman, Ahmad Zahid said that every other race living in the country had accepted that this country "is originally a Malay country". This of course isn't true because the Tunku said no such thing in the first place (you don't put words in a dead man's mouth) and moreover the Malays like Mahathir Mohamad came later and stole the country from the Orang Asli and claimed it as their own just because he plays champion as Malay defender. Dr Kua Kia Soong had corrected the RM100 billion man (the Mamakutty) when he said that the Chinese are also migrants. So what? So were the Malays, was Dr. Kua's retort. That is true too. There is no need for anyone to argue the case anymore. It is simply a matter of timing of the arrival of the various peoples in this country. Believe it or not, the Chinese may be latecomers but they are the toughest of the lot. Even Mahathir admitted frankly that if not for these pendatang non-Malays the majority poor Malays will be eating cow dung and monkey shit.  No denying that Chinese taxes subsidised Malay welfare. Is that so hard to admit, Ahmad Zahid?
Perhaps a non-Malay can accept the concept of Ketuanan Melayu so long as he remain a minority race in the country but how about an illegal Indonesian migrant becoming an instant Malaysian citizen just because UMNO wants him to help secure an election victory and giving this Indon guy special Malay rights? We must define who should accord Malay rights if such rights belong to the Malays living in this country for many generations, or at least before my non Malay grandfather step into then British Malayan territory. To save further argument, let's just say this country is originally a Sakai or Orang Asli country. Malays come later. Then other races come together to build a Malaysia as what we've known now. To talk about Malaysia only belongs to the Malays is pure Mahathirist racism and totally against Ah Jib Gor's nonsensical 1Malaysia spirit.
But then again, this godforsaken land is still Malaysia Boleh, isn't it?


  1. Where can you find a perfect country in this world? I would like to migrate and spend my life in that country if there is any??

    1. tiada negara yang semporna biarpun ia negara maju.

    2. How about Switzerland:)

    3. No perfect country but the leaders and the people can make it better if they uphold the good principles.

  2. So, The government have to work more harder to solve the uncertain problem.

  3. There shouldn't be a Ketuanan Melayu. Racist.

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