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All must stand up against racist taunts!

By Joe Fernandez
We cannot continue to tolerate a situation where people hurl racist remarks against us and taunt us whenever we want to be heard or give a hearing to others.

Indians in particular must shed the image of being soft targets. They need to speak up so that they can be heard.

Even one ounce of Indian blood, for example, is enough for others to defecate all over us for this reason and no other.

It seems that such people – the defecators -- are not interested in whatever we have to say. Neither do they want to exercise their Right of Reply in a civilised manner.

Keling suka buat bising

If possible they would no doubt not hesitate to murder us in our sleep on the oft-cited grounds that "Keling suka buat bising". It appears that we must only be seen and not heard lest others look bad. One Tony F, it seems, is bad enough for their bruised collective egos.

If we are heard or give a hearing to others they detest, they are only interested to capitalise on the situation to call us any number of names. This is deliberately calculated to discourage us from speaking up or giving a hearing to others in their bad books.

Ambiga a sad story

Before continuing, let's take Ambiga as a case in point.

The Bersih 3.0 chairperson called for free, fair and clean elections and immediately came under racial abuse. Some infantiles want to hang her for "treason". Since when did calling for free, fair and clean elections become treason? Is this under the Law of the Jungle? So, does it become patriotic to be against Ambiga's call?

Now, it's my turn.

There are laws against racial abuse.

If the cowardly name-callers in cyberspace dare to publish their names, I will not hesitate to insist on criminal proceedings being brought against them for targeting me.

Useful piece of shit

At the same time, I will seek punitive compensation by way of a civil suit. I suppose the person who called me a useless piece of shit is a useful piece of shit who will be in Church this Sun with a pious look on the face.

If I go to Court by way of criminal and civil action, I will definitely win. The recent amendments to the Evidence Act virtually hold that name-callers are presumed guilty unless they can prove their innocence.

All I need is irrefutable proof to bring to Court.

One way is the Internet Protocols as proof.

Jeffrey mum on putrid remarks

The current criticisms levelled at me in blogosphere, FaceBook, Twitter, Chat, emails, apparently by Jeffrey Kitingan's Star members and supporters, are completely unwarranted, unacceptable and unfair. He has made no attempt to distance himself from these putrid remarks. Star is not Jeffrey and Jeffrey is not Star.

If I was not on the take when I gave him space in the past, how can I suddenly be on the take now when giving space to others like him?

One Star vice chairman called me twice recently; each call being a good 30 mins, and racially abused me with four-letter words thrown in. This is the kind of leaders that Star is grooming to enter the legislature. Probably, Jeffrey is proud of these "god-fearing" leaders who go berserk at the slightest criticism in the media. Now, they know how others feel when they tear into them mercilessly without the slightest tinge of conscience. To err is human, to forgive is divine!

Sympathies for Jeffrey as underdog

When Jeffrey was in PKR, he was the underdog.

So, I gave him and his people a hearing even at the risk of compromising my credibility. I have since lost thousands of ringgit in revenue from publishers because of this but that's another story.

Today, Jeffrey is no longer the underdog. He's the top dog in Star like Anwar in PKR. So, he cannot continue to expect the same kind of favourable coverage as before.

If I continue to repeat whatever Jeffrey wants to say, it would no longer be journalism but Public Relations under the guise of journalism. That's stooping really very low.

Star's vision, mission statement

Despite the personal and highly offensive criticisms in cyberspace, I will cover Star's vision and mission statements and the party's manifesto, if Jeffrey announces them.

However, if their contents are nothing like what he has been preaching about even when he was in PKR, he must expect nothing but brickbats, not bouquets. Let’s hope there won’t be another round of racial abuse then in cyberspace.

Frankly, it can be stated at the risk of being peppered with even more racial taunts, that the consensus of opinion on the ground is that nothing will come from Jeffrey’s politics.

His track record todate has definitely been less than encouraging and there are no signs that he has since rehabilitated himself although 1994 -- when he allegedly betrayed his brother Joseph Pairin Kitingan and brought about the downfall of his Government --- is all water under the bridge.

PBS cynical on Star Chief

No wonder Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) leaders are cynical of him.

”We know Jeffrey even better than he knows himself," is all they would say. "We don't see him grooming the young, as he promised, or allowing them centre-stage. Instead, he's more focussed on ensuring that no one out-frogs him."

Star will no doubt have to decide at some point in time whether they want to continue to suffer under Jeffrey’s tribal leadership or decide what to do about him.

He comes across as a spoiled brat for want of a better term, no doubt a little over-grown, who insists on heading everything on this side of the political divide and then going on to squat on all for no rhyme or reason. The party is yet to set up Bureaus, Committees and Sub-Committees because it’s by no means certain Jeffrey believes in empowering the leadership. He may prefer to run the party like a family-owned kedai runcit in the kampung.

Another example of his infantile behaviour was seen in mid-January when I reported speculatively that Star was going for all 60 state seats in Sabah and 26 parliamentary seats including Labuan.

Sapp gleefully labelled me a liar

He denied it immediately and labelled the report as false probably because the idea didn't come from him. It was unlike Jeffrey to issue such a denial which he insists wasn't prompted by his sycophantic aides who worship the very ground that he walks on as if he’s a latter day messiah. Sapp gleefully labelled me a liar. On a plus point, they didn’t generate into racist taunts.

In mid-April Jeffrey declared that Star had adopted the 60/26 Formula. He omitted the part about it being an extreme negotiating position and made no attempt to explain the earlier denial.

The local press did not probe.

Sapp conveniently kept quiet instead of accusing Jeffrey of being insincere. But it appears okay for them to call me names without their conscience bothering them in the least.

Bad smell following Star everywhere

The other opposition parties in particular are like a bad smell which keeps following Star everywhere. They want to do a number on the Orang Asal i.e. the Dusuns – including the Kadazans or urban Dusuns – and the Muruts.

Everyone can get the stink from these born losers except Jeffrey.

As a result, both Star and these other parties are like two drunken men hanging on to each other as they walk a lonely road in the dead of a moonless night after having had one too many.

Both will fall into the nearest longkang and drown if Star leaders don’t come to their collective senses soon.

Their bodies will be fished out, when eventually discovered, bloated to the point of explosion and stinking to high heaven.

There’s still some hope among Star loyalists that their party will be spared that cruel fate if minus Jeffrey’s tribal leadership style based on the primordial thinking that “Datuk knows best”, if not minus Jeffrey.


  1. In politics anything can happen and it is all about the power.

    1. Religious and race should not be played for political leverage. It's irresponsible to try to break up the people's harmony and incite hatred.

    2. Persaingan semakin giat, tetapi harus juga tidak mengungkit unsur yang berkemungkinan merosakkan keharmonian antara rakyat.

    3. Jangan cuba nak merosakkan perpaduan rakyat Sabah.

  2. It happened when your enemy become your friend, and your friends become your enemy.

    1. JF is not JK's enemy or vice versa. It's naive to think like that.

  3. here come the revenge..
    Joe explode his anger now..
    be scared...

  4. JF only seems to be against JK over the internal situation in Star and not on issues involving Star vs Others.

  5. Yes, we must not tolerate racism. We are all Malaysians and has contributed sweat, blood and tears for this country. Why can't we let go of our differences and unite?

  6. isu2 berkaita agama dan perkauman jgnlah kita mainkan. ia boleh menimbulkan masalah.

    1. Do not test the people patient.

    2. kalau masih sayangkan perpaduan dan keharmonian di negara ni, lebih baik buang sikap rasis tu.

  7. Isu agama dan perkauman tidak patut di politikkan.

    1. Isu agama adalah isu sensitif, harus dihormati dan tidak diungkit dan menyakitkan hati.

    2. setuju mary, isu agama dan perkauman tidak patut dijadikan bahan politik.

  8. Perpaduan antara kaum & bangsa harus diutamakan.

    1. Rakyat Sabah sepatutnya sentiasa bersatu.
      Bersatu kita teguh, bercerai kita roboh.

  9. The Bersih 3.0 chairperson called for free, fair and clean elections and immediately came under racial abuse.

    Bersih adalah "mesti" itu PRu. Tiada pihak berkuasa manipulate keputusan yang dibuat oleh rakyat.

    1. Hanya rakyat Sabah saja yang layak menjadi penentu pada PRU-13.

  10. Siapa yang terbaik sebagai pemerintah? Tidakkan Anwar?? Rasanya Anwar sendiri pun ada cerita tersendiri sebelum ini semasa menjadi TPM.

  11. jangan mainkan sebarang isu sensetif atau perkauman.

  12. perpaduan dan keharmonian yang ada harus dikekalkan dan dijaga.

    1. betul, perpaduan yang ada harus kita jaga bersama.

  13. semua harus elakkan diri daripada memainkan isu perkauman.

  14. all politicians should stop fighting. there are still a lot of problems that need to be solved instead of 'berbalas2 pantun' in the media. my vote only for those who interested and able to give priority to the environmental issues..

    Borneo Paradise (Blog)
    Borneo Paradise (Facebook)

  15. Deadman WonderlandAugust 6, 2012 at 9:52 AM

    Racism is abhorrent not only on its own, but as a root of many other more egregious forms of human rights violations, such as genocide and ethnic cleansing. Indeed, the history of the promotion and protection of human rights is, to a large extent, a history of the struggle to eliminate racism.

  16. Deadman WonderlandAugust 6, 2012 at 9:52 AM

    In order to advance, the first significant step is to address the wrongs of the past, particularly the negative consequences of colonialism, slavery and the slave trade, as well as other extreme forms of racism. We have to come to terms with the past to enable us to understand the contemporary problems relating to racism and to better prepare ourselves for the future.

  17. Deadman WonderlandAugust 6, 2012 at 9:54 AM

    Naturally, in this context, it is a matter of utmost urgency that the perpetrators of these past injustices acknowledge responsibility and recognise the depth of the wounds they have left behind. Only then can relations among nations and people, especially between former colonies and their colonial masters as well as between different races within one nation, be placed on a sound footing.

  18. Deadman WonderlandAugust 6, 2012 at 9:55 AM

    The advent of globalisation and the revolution in information technology have given rise to new challenges in efforts to combat racism. The increasingly borderless world has intensified the level of intra and interregional migration of people, especially those in search of better economic opportunities.

  19. Deadman WonderlandAugust 6, 2012 at 9:57 AM

    These people should not end up as victims of racism. The use of information and communication technology, such as the Internet, to not only incite social hatred but also facilitate the organisation of such acts, also needs to be appropriately addressed. It is therefore important that the two documents of the Durban Conference adequately address these new challenges.

  20. Deadman WonderlandAugust 6, 2012 at 9:58 AM

    Given the interdependence of the world today, the search for global solutions for problems such as racism must be undertaken through concerted international action. Undoubtedly, the effective implementation of commitments made by members of the international community at various international forums will go a long way in combating racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.

  21. Deadman WonderlandAugust 6, 2012 at 9:59 AM

    Today, Malaysians live in a climate characterised by peace, harmony and mutual respect. We are able to enjoy the fruits of development and progress, thanks, in no small measure, to the appropriate and effective strategies developed and implemented by the Government, with the participation of all segments of the population, regardless of race or colour, and achieved through consensus building. We believe that anywhere in the world, inclusiveness lies at the heart of any government's efforts to eradicate racism.

  22. Deadman WonderlandAugust 6, 2012 at 9:59 AM

    Malaysia believes that at the national level, Governments could and should exert greater efforts to combat racism within their midst. Malaysia has always been committed to eradicating racism. In our multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious society, the development of a united Malaysia is uppermost in the list of the Government's priorities.

  23. The key to inclusiveness is the inculcation of a spirit of mutual respect and care for humanity, which is genuine and not academic in nature, practical and permeates the entire strata of society. From the early years of independence, the Malaysian Government has recognised that building a nation out of a diverse community, demands much more than just forging consensus on the basic character of a state or nation. It requires the sharing of historical experiences, values and a sense of common destiny, which transcends racial differences.


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