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‘Don’t recycle tainted Sabah BN leaders’

By Luke Rintod of FMT 
KOTA KINABALU: KDM Malaysia, a pro-Umno organisation in Sabah, has warned the ruling Barisan Nasional leadership to discard tainted politicians to prevent further erosion of support for the already embattled coalition.
KDM Malaysia’s president, Peter Anthony, said the BN top leadership must take into account its own slogan of transforming itself when it comes head-on with tainted leaders.
“The voters are more educated and selective nowadays and therefore (government leaders) must take cognisant of the adverse effect of fielding or renominating leaders who had been linked to scandals, corrupt acts and obvious abuse of power,” he said explaining his complaints about illegal logging believed to be linked to several Umno leaders in Papar and Kimanis areas.
Anthony, who is an Umno leader, said he was raising awareness in the ruling party about the feeling at the grassroots level on retaining, defending and even promoting tainted leaders.
He said he was particularly disappointed with the illegal timber felling that had taken place in Ulu Kimanis area which he claimed also affected his family who owned land there.
The illegal logging that is said to be under investigation, has allegedly been carried out with the knowledge and involvement of BN leaders under the guise of clearing a way for a government-approved mini-estate project at Kg Kinolosodon.
The proposed project for 33 yet-to-be identified hardcore poor families is located in a water catchment area and the houses being built for them was discovered sited on steep hill slopes in defiance of all government regulations.
Massive logging
It is also understood that the loggers had been ordered to encroach and fell matured trees on land belonging to other kampung folk since 2010 when a road into the forest was being constructed.
The massive logging came to light recently when people passing along the Kimanis-Keningau road noticed the scarring of the once green hillside which can be seen from miles away.
Anthony said that several villagers had also approached KDM Malaysia recently for help on the matter.
A police report has since been lodged and investigations are believed ongoing. Police patrol cars are stationed at the entry and exit to the area and motorists have also experienced traffic checks near the turn-off to the kampung.
Meanwhile, the felled timber remains scattered around the site.

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