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Silent Killer

Tuan-tuan, Puan-puan, Datuk-datuk, Datin-datin dan Kapitan-kapitan yang saya hormati sakelian,
My ucapan-ucapan to all of us Dayak communities who lives in the rural areas and the urban, I being your Tan Sri Datuk would like to open the minds of all our Dayak what it mean by “Silent Killer”.

If there were a deadly disease raging through your body, wouldn't you want to know how to stop it? Unfortunately, more than 10 million Malaysian are walking around with a silent killer eating away at their health—and they have no idea they're even at risk. That Silent Killer is diabetes, the fastest-growing disease in history.

It's estimated that one million people in this country have diabetes or are on the verge of developing this disease. Diabetes is particularly prevalent in our community, where it claims nearly 20 lives in Malaysia every single day. Because so many people are affected, the Malaysia is forced to spend millions of Ringgit a year treating this silent killer disease—more than Malaria, AIDS and all cancers combined.

If you alarmed on that new epidemic of SARS, Bird Flu or Pig Flu; the numbers affected by those diseases are no compare to the numbers affected by diabetes. If you may ask me…where I get that figure? My answer to you is information gathered from some grapevine in the Ministry of Health during my recent trip to KL.

So much so, that is not the subject I am going to write about, because the more I write about the killer diseases – maybe some of the doctors in this email may disagree on some of the medical terms that I may say incorrectly, but there’s nothing wrong apply this criteria into situation that is par to our political situations.

My subject for today is regarding men made silent killer caused by some else GREED.

The silent killer disease that threatens our lives, resources and manipulate our way of lives– caused by our own elected ministers, YB and including our own Ketua Mesarakat (Ketua Kampong, Penghulu, Pemanca and Temengong), while our basic needs and rights as human being are completely ignored.

I am writing this email to you my dear Dayaks whom I love and care, to you tuan-tuan, puan-puan, datuk-datuk, datin-datin dan kapitan-kapitan yang saya hormati sakelian.

If you’ve doubt or may ask yourself a question; how many Ketua Mesarakat are supporting the Baram Dam? Well, my answer to that question is, 8 out of 10 Ketua Mesarakat in the Baram disagree or rather silently oppose on the building of the Baram dam because they know it too well on the catastrophic effects of the dam, they know that the dam and cutting of our timbers are silent killer. They are not stupid as most of us may think.

So far, 80% of our Ketua Mesarakat whispered in my ears at different occasions on their opposition on the Baram dam. I promise not to reveal the names of these 80% because I am hoping them to be “thorns within the flesh” (munsuh dalam selimut). As I say, not all of our Ketua Mesarakat are stupid.

At least they have the capabilities of knowing some arse holes as Senetor Lihan Jok, Use Murang or Dato Jacob Dungau Sagan are making all kind of promises. They know all the flowery words, blessing ceremonies at the dam site are turning every nugget, every quote (Baram dam is god given) will eventually turn into scandal, conspiracy and outrage.

Nonetheless, the diehard supporters, people such as Temengong Pahang and few opportunists are working themselves into frenzy as they anticipate the pro-Baram dam forums to come in the ulu and also in Miri. Amongst all this excitement, I can’t help but feel that something important is getting overlooked.

Tuan-tuan, Puan-puan, Datuk-datuk, Datin-datin dan Kapitan-kapitan yang saya hormati sakelian, let me tell you the “fence seaters” out there; you may be told by those bunch of arse holes (Lihan Jok, Use Murang or Jacob Dungau Sagan) the good words about the Baram dam, to bring major development to the people of the Baram. If you are the person who cares about the developments and want to see the upper Baram to be developed as in your dream, ask them this first question, “What development are they talking about”?

Second question;

Where are you going to be relocated after your long houses and farm lands are going to be flooded?

Third question:

Is the BN government going to provide you with fair compensations on the sizes of lands that are going to be submerged under the lake?

Fourth question:

Give us at least two or three names of people who are affected by the Pelagus dam, Batang Air and Bakun dam became millionaire today?

If you are not satisfy or feeling 50/50, or maybe “clouds over your heads” with their answers given, or “no written agreement” to you by Lihan Jok, Use Murang or Jacob Dungau Sagan, than you must know they must be some kind of conmen who are good in sing-a-song and force you to dance to their music. You must know, they are the silent killer, talking on the behalf of Lucifer the king of the devil, to devour you.

Tuan-tuan, Puan-puan, Datuk-datuk, Datin-datin dan Kapitan-kapitan yang saya hormati sakelian, why are we not learnt on our pass mistakes in believing that our elected ministers and YB are not god after all. Many of their promises that are being made by our previous YBs and ministers in the pass are not delivered until today. This time around, we are caught in the same promises.

If the late Luhat Wan and Balan Seling or Kebing wan during the era of their BN cannot fulfilled their promises of developments, do you think Lihan Jok, Use Murang or Jacob Dungau Sagan or another new young BN arse hole can fulfill your wish?

Sad to say, the reality is Malaysia have no money. We have money but it ends up in Najib’s or Taib Mahumd’s bank account and personal overseas investments. Our Economy is reaching the point of no return, and nobody is saying anything. Well, Idris Jala tried to say something but he was attacked left-right-center by some opportunist in the BN.

Am I being alarmist? Maybe…… But somebody has to be.

Despite all the political plans and promises, whoever gets in will have to face this harsh reality.

* We’re basically out of money, that is way Taib Mahmud engaged a company from China to invest in building the 12 dams in Sarawak. The China company dump in the money from China to Sarawak to build the dam and buy cements and other construction materials from CMS.
* We’re have a mountain of debt
* We’re dumping money way too much, invested with unnecessary shits as example of the “submarines cannot dive”, LYNAS, “diamond ring”, “NFC”, personal business empire in UK, USA, Australia, Canada, etc..

Let me tell you again, we have the opportunity to stop the force of greed and power that silent killer that consume the lives of the Dayak people, before it is too late.

Remember this, “Politicians say what they think you want to hear”. This is Silent Killer…worse than any form of diseases, cancer, earthquake, tsunami or any other forms of natural catastrophes.

Yours sincerely,
Tan Sri Datuk Tama Puyang

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