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Politically Motivated And Abuse Of Power !

Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) condemn the move by the police and the Attorney General office in this move to charge leaders of the Opposition in relation to the Bersih 3.0 rally supported and endorsed by hundreds of thousands of people.

This act is definitely politically motivated and abuse of power to create fear among the people and to remind the masses that the State will act against those who exercise freedom of assemble as well as go against any person who goes against their interest. This move puts to shame Najib’s political reforms and is a mockery.

The Police, its leadership and the Home Minister must account for the hundreds of civilians including journalist and human rights observers who were abused and injured on that day. It is because of this, that the police have lost all its legitimacy to investigate any incident on BERSIH3. The police have completely failed to play their role.

PSM calls for all investigation on BERSIH 3 to be conducted by SUHAKAM or other independent bodies. We also call for all the charges against those exercising their democratic rights to be dropped immediately.

It is time Najib and BN realises that the Malaysian people have matured and will not be intimidated by this recent subtle crackdown.

Change will ultimately be decided by the rakyat and not the apparatus of the state.

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