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Muhyiddin's election promises in Kadamaian an insult, says SAPP man

By Ezra Haganez
KOTA BELUD : Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) said the recent pledge made by DPM Muhyiddin Yassin to asphalt six important rural roads in the Kadamaian state constituency next year is an insult to the people's intelligence.

SAPP's Kota Belud CLC vice head, Peter Marajin said the Kadamaian folks were not amused when Muhyiddin further revealed that he had instructed Minister of Rural Development and Regional, Shafei Apdal, to bring forward the fund for the purpose from 2014 to next year.

"Why cant they just start doing it this year if they are sincere?" said Marajin in a statement about the matter yesterday.

Marajin who is also SAPP supreme council member qustioned why the DPM approved projects that to be carried out after a future general election. "Does the Umno deputy president know something that we don't that he was so confident Umno would still be the ruling party after the 13th GE"? he said.

He argued that this could only be an election promise and ploy by the embattled Umno-led central government. "Why wait till election time to announce it? This is buying of votes, and buying votes is a clear cut corruption," he further said.

The well-liked lawyer also took exception of Muhyiddin who in his speech at SMK Narinang near here days ago said that he wished he had a "magic wand" to resolve whatever problems Sabah faced.

"We never asked for a "magic wand". What we asked was for our rights and autonomy to be respected and restored and that we should manage our own money, the hefty RM40 billions we send to Federal coffers every year, but get little in return," Marajin retorted.

On the other hand, Marajin said, PBS has been readmitted into BN for 11 years now with Herbert Timbon Lagadan having been the ADUN of Kadamaian for a record 3rd term, but yet Lagadan is still talking about road upgrading for the kampungs in Kadamaian.

"This could mean he had done nothing to upgrade all the kampung roads for the last 11 years, which means he has failed as a Wakil Rakyat and the PBS failed the Kadamaian folks under the BN government.

"Clearly the Federal Government under Umno had failed the Kadamaian folks for the past 49 years of 'merdeka" despite the fact that billions of Sabah funds flowed into federal coffers, not to mention another billions from Sabah's oil and gas since 1976.

"The Federal government is simply bullying the Kadamaian folks into voting PBS in the coming election with empty promises. Why wait for next year when they can implement the projects right away?" he added.


  1. Janji air liur basi si muhyidin ikanpangal

  2. Sedapkan air liur muhyidin.. bah telanlah... pada muka kamu undi pbs dan umno... janganlah banyak cakap yb timbun kalau sudah tidur bepaluk saa muhyidin dalam Bee End apa cerita... Lau berani join Star lah

  3. Janji Melayu bah itu...semua tipu

    Tunku, Razak, Mahathir, Anwar, Najib dan Muhyidin sama saja itu.. tingu saja muka dorang tu, phew muka penipu kepada orang bukan Melayu !!


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