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Joe Fernandez' open letter to Malaysiakini

Dear Guma at malaysiakini,

Why not focus on what Bersih is all about?

Why degenerate into the politics of distraction and disruption a la Umno? Will it help make a difference? Will it go down in history?

Who will remember the beefburger, butt dance or whatever in a few days from now? Or the nonsense mouthed all the time by Perkasa and Mahathir in malaysiakini? Will we die of stupidity if we don't read what these two clowns have to say?

This is the kind of trash the weekly rags love.They have pages to fill.

Is malaysiakini still more into entertainment of the irritating kind than serious journalism?

Aug 2010 was the beginning of a dark chapter for malaysiakini.

That was the month some people still wet behind the ears and butchers were allowed to begin running amok at malaysiakini to deviate and distort to their heart's content and corrupt the entire process and system.

Joe Fernandez

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