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What if it was Najib in the sex video?

Some NGOs want to know why Pakatan Rakyat leaders are
remaining silent on Anwar being implicated in a sex
scandal and would they keep quiet if it was Najib Tun Razak.
PETALING JAYA: Would Pakatan Rakyat leaders remain silent if there was a video implicating Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak in a sex scandal?

This was a question an NGO popped up when referring to the latest video on Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.

The video snippet allegedly showed Anwar entering a hotel with businessman Shazryl Eskay Abdullah.

Commenting on the video, Coalition of Malay Students in Peninsular Malaysia (GPMS) secretary-general Zambri Mohd Isa criticised opposition supporters for practising double standard.

“When Kelana Jaya MP Low Gwo Burne recorded a video of a lawyer allegedly trying to fix judicial appointments, the opposition leaders went to town with it prompting a Royal Commission of Inquiry to be established to investigate the matter.

“But when it comes to Anwar’s case, not even a squeak is heard from his supporters,” Zambri said.

Last week, pro-Umno blogger Papagomo posted the new video snippet purportedly linking Anwar to the sex video released in April.

Early this year, a trio calling themselves “Datuk Trio” released a video allegedly showing Anwar engaged in sex with a prostitute.

In an extension to the video, Papagomo released the latest snippet last week showing “Anwar” entering a hotel lift with Shazryl. Shazryl is one of trio that released the sex video early this year.

Impeachment in Parliament

Zambri hailed former health minister Dr Chua Soi Lek’s decision to resign from office in 2008 after he was implicated in a sex scandal.

He said that even Selangor opposition leader, Dr Mohd Khir Toyo, resigned from office last year when implicated in a corruption scandal.

“But Anwar refuses to even swear in the mosque to prove his innocence,” he added.

As a people’s representative, Zambri said Anwar should answer all the allegations against him.
“He is not a common man in the street. Anwar is a parliamentarian. If we want to be a great nation, we must be brave to face this,” he said.

Selangor Coalition of NGOs against Corruption (GAPS) chairman Hamidzun Khairuddin said that Parliament should impeach Anwar over the allegations.

“If Anwar is not investigated, it will make a mockery of our august house,” Hamidzun said.

With Anwar’s moral standing under a cloud, he said it was time for someone from DAP or PAS to take over Pakatan’s helm.

“We have to address this moral decay. In my view, (PAS president) Hadi Awang and (DAP secretary-general) Lim Guan Eng are morally superior to Anwar,” he added.

Best to ignore

However, PAS vice-president Salahuddin Ayub dismissed the NGOs’ arguments and reiterated their support for Anwar.

“In principle, we stick to qazaf where an accuser must provide four witnesses to prove their allegation. In Anwar’s case, no witnesses have come forward,” Salahuddin said.

On whether Anwar’s indifference over the matter would hurt Pakatan, Salahuddin dismissed the notion outright.

“For decades the government had accused Anwar of many things but the people are still with us as they know the truth,” he said.

On why Anwar refused to comment on the recent allegation, the PAS leader said that probably Anwar was tired responding to the accusation.

“I think he is just fed up with it. It’s best for him to ignore it,” he said.

Echoing Salahuddin’s sentiments, DAP Youth leader Anthony Loke also said Anwar’s alleged sexual misconduct issue is just being played up to confuse the public.

“Let’s just ignore the matter and move forward, “ said Loke.

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