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Scapegoating Christians: Another rotting fish from UMNO to share with PBS UPKO

Christianisation: Another rotting fish from Umno to share with the BNThe Jais-DUMC row is starting to stink to high heaven. Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad has just revealed that the ‘Christianization’ issue was actually concocted by UMNO in a bid to bring down the Selangor state government headed by PKR Mentri Besar or Chief Minister Khalid Ibrahim.

UMNO had allegedly tried to use their stalwarts in Jais or the Selangor Islamic Religious Affairs Department to coax the Sultan into removing Khalid Ibrahim on the basis that he had allowed Christianity to spread in the state.

If it is true, then effectively the entire BN government is making Christians a scapegoat for their own political ambitions.

UMNO may be the dominant party in the BN-led federal government but if components do not speak up, then it is very unethical of them. In the dubious strategy to gain the Malay community's support, the entire BN is destabilizing Malaysian unity by agreeing to play on sensitive issues like religion.

Even their relatives don't want to vote for them
At 10 per cent of the overal 29 million population, Christians in the country have in the past years borne the brunt of being the favourite target of an unscrupulous UMNO hiding behind Islam. But in the past two years, since Prime Minister Najib Razak took over from Abdullah Badawi as premier in 2009, Christian-bashing must surely have been the worst in the nation's history.

Yet Islam would never condone such a thing.

Not only have Malaysian Christians been forbidden to use the word 'Allah' to describe God, their Malay-language Bibles have been seized, confiscated and defaced with ugly stamps so as to prevent Muslims from reading them!

What does the BN government hope to gain from such silly deeds which only makes them look stupid and helpless in the eyes of the public? Instead of courting popularity, they make themselves even more unpopular with the Malay middle ground. Such continuous ‘sensationalisation’ of religion for political gain also only serves to convince the rest of the nation that the BN has overstayed its welcome and needs to take a break.

But has the BN government ever given that a thought, or have they given up hope on the non-Malays in this country? Pundits too are confused, as they simply cannot believe that BN will go to such lengths in their effort to gain the trust of the majority Malays. And frankly, many Malays are starting to worry that BN is giving them a bad name.

Has UMNO finally run out of ideas? To be very frank, many Malays even from the rural areas are saying, UMNO is plain stupid. There is no excuse, but if they wish to shoot themselves in their foot over and over again, the Pakatan Rakyat led by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim won't be too unhappy.

Such issues are really getting out of hand, that even families, close friends and relatives of BN leaders have said they will be voting for the Pakatan in the next General Election. Can you imagine that?

UMNO's partners in crime too deserve punishment for keeping quiet
It is also downright shocking none of the BN component parties have come out to condemn this sorry state of affairs, which will surely affect them one way or another.The only logical explanation is that they - MCA, Gerakan, MIC and all the others - condone UMNO's racial and religious bigotry. After all, if UMNO is right, they too will ride on Easy Street!

Most Malays do not have anything against the Christians, contrary to what the BN-controlled media has propagated and want Malays to think. Many of them feel bad to see the other races and faiths gunned down like this by the likes of Utusan and Perkasa. Most Malays were brought up to be good Muslims, who put justice, fairness and kind deeds above all else.

Is the victimisation of the Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) by Jais fair or justifiable, when Jais itself cannot even bring out its own report or provide concrete evidence of its allegations of proselytization?
If BN and its media continues to espouse the UMNO message of hate and division, it will only explode in their faces. Sooner or later, their sins will find them out.

Malays are no longer as naïve as the authorities seem to think. Many have started to ask the right questions, and many are turning to the alternative media. In fact there are so many that are coming out of their coconut shells to take an interest in politics that the authorities are running scared.

So far Malaysians have shown great restraint but it doesn't mean that feelings are not simmering. There is growing belief they will show what they think at the ballot boxes in the coming General Election.

To falsely accuse the PKR-led Selangor government of Christianisation and PAS of espousing Communismwon't win UMNO or BN the General Election. That's for sure but it just might do the trick for Pakatan.    -    Malaysia Chronicle

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