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Malaysia Day Bypl Finals In Honour Of O.K.K. Sedomon

Kg. Rantai Bundu, Keningau—The Borneo Youth Premier League (BYPL), founded and launched this year by lawyer and activist, Nilakrisna James, announced that the finals of the BYPL 2011 Football Tournament will be held in Keningau over the Malaysia Day weekend.

In the prize-giving speech to the residents and players at Kampung Rantai Bundu in Apin-Apin, Keningau, on Sunday, Nilakrisna announced that the selection process for the semi-finalists over monthly tournaments beginning in May and ending in August this year registered the participation of 31 football teams from various villages in Keningau with 300 over players.

The 4th Round of the 9-a-side tournament was held over the weekend with 8 participating teams with Denggiluang FC from Kg. Denggiluang Bundu emerging champions. In 2nd place was BYPL B from various villages in Bingkor; 3rd place Rantai FC from Kg. Rantai Bundu; 4th place Linungkab FC from Kg. Linungkab Bundu; Best Scorer, Merinus Noie from Denggiluang FC; Best Goalkeeper, Welter from Denggiluang FC and the Best Team, Rantai FC.

Other participating teams included Pamaramai FC from Kg. Kumawanan, RFT FC from Kg. Tagai, Full Guy FC from Apin Apin and Tohan Baru FC from Kg. Marampong.

“Our teams are all very popular now and many people are also seeing the benefits of community sports in boosting the morale of the youths and their families. We now have the four teams proceeding to the semi-finals and finals mid-month and they will be vying for the annual BYPL Cup in honour of my late grandfather, O.K.K. Sedomon, for the good he has done in his community and for the country. The finals will be held over the Malaysia Day weekend as a mark of respect for the part Sedomon played in the formation of Malaysia and our teams will begin the celebration with our family on the 16th September at Sedomon’s Rumah Besar in Bingkor,” Nilakrisna said.

Nilakrisna also added that the tournament has provided the teams and organisers the opportunity to see the conditions of the various sports fields and infrastructural problems in various rural villages in the Bingkor and Keningau district. “We’ve done our part to cut the grass of some of these fields in preparation of the tournaments and have travelled significant distances to find suitable places for our rural players.

This time though, we have found that the road Jalan Apin Apin Bundu leading up to the field in Kg. Rantai Bundu was generally in excellent condition except for one landslip which must be fixed as soon as possible as the road is too narrow and can be very dangerous for motorists. The kampungs around Bundu in Apin Apin are clean, picturesque and perfect for the development of Homestay style tourism. We must not spoil these areas with urban style development but seek to provide proper infrastructure and facilities whilst maintaining their pristine conditions. Rural conservation is the key to their survival,” she said.

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