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Expect ISA repackaged, not abolished

‘I believe it is going to be a case of ‘out of the frying pan into the fire’. At best, the replacement laws will be ‘from the fire, back into the frying pan’.

‘Anwar fears more repressive laws to replace ISA’

Tkc: I’ve got a bad feeling. If BN were to regain its two-thirds majority due to the fence-sitters gullible enough to think that things will be hunky dory after the repeal of Internal Security Act (ISA), the replacement laws would be so repressive that BN will rule for the next 50 years.

This country needs a two-party system for further check and balance because in three short years after GE12, we have seen more compromises by BN compared to the last 50 years.

Henry Hock: There is no need to wait until next year for a new law to replace ISA. Just abolish it at the next parliamentary seating.

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak can just propose a bill, e.g. the Internal Security (Abolition) Bill 2011, with only two or three sections and a preamble.

Section 2 can state something like this: “ISA is repealed upon royal assent and all powers given to the home minister and/or police under the ISA shall cease with immediate effect.”

Parliament will debate and vote on it immediately. Since no Pakatan Rakyat MPs will object and neither will BN MPs go against PM, it will take less than 10 minutes to pass.

Travic: I believe it is going to be a case of ‘out of the frying pan into the fire’. At best, the replacement laws will be merely ‘from the fire, back into the frying pan’.

Jeremy Ng: The plot is a two-prong strategies. Firstly, as a decoy to allow the mainstream media and opportunist NGOs to start heaping praises on Najib and BN that they are not oppressive. This is important as part of the pre-election strategy to buy time in winning more sympathy votes.

Secondly, it will create another platform for the ‘elite Umno’-backed NGO and political opportunists to mount resistance and protests. This is to raise sympathy among Malays that Najib was under pressure to repeal the Act. This plot is clearly seen from all the hypes of late on the issues of communism. And it clearly and intentionally depicts that communists are against the Muslims.

And lastly, as a ‘bonus benefit’, the repeal announcement will draw positive comments from foreign governments. So, I agreed with DSAI (Anwar Ibrahim) that this whole exercise is consultant-crafted for the coming election.

Kgen: The BN government will justify the new ISA-like laws by saying they are intended for terrorists.

However, the police will be able to brand anybody a terrorist if no proof is required and if detention is beyond judicial review. So the ISA will just be repackaged, not abolished.

‘Newpaper permits must consider national security’

By Election Fan: If national security is your primary concern then what about Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia? Please explain what are the serious actions that the Home Ministry has taken against it?

If the similar articles were published by a Chinese newspaper, would you be so kind to allow it to continue?

DontPlayGod: Many readers here have commented about Utusan Melayu (not Malaysia, as there is nothing Malaysian about it). No other publication has done so much harm to racial harmony than this paper.

In fact, congratulations to Utusan in succeeding in turning Malay readers into out-and-out racists, and making Malays hate non-Malays.

But Umno continues to allow, nay, encourage Utusan, as this paper serves Umno well. Similarly with Biro Tatanegara, another organisation that has also turned Malays against non-Malays.

Azizi Khan: Dear Mr Home Minister, There are differences between issues that threaten national security and issues that threaten ‘Umno security’.

Your ministry seems to have a tough time differentiating between the two. For example, if a certain government agency gives permanent residency for illegal immigrants and temporary workers illegally – that is a threat to national security.

And if that government agency works in collusion with a certain political party (let’s say Umno for argument’s sake), then not only it is a threat to national security, it is also a threat to the party security.

As such, a home minister who is unbiased and dispenses his duties without fear or favour would understand that it is the right of the media to publish such articles. It is the right of the citizens to know who are the ‘big fish’ behind such ‘projects’ (let’s just called it ‘Project M’ for argument’s sake).

But we don’t really have such a home minister in Malaysia now, do we?

Tian Chua demands apology over Benz claim

Citizen!: Gerakan Youth chief Lim Si Pin, do you really think BN MPs and ministers use cars only within their means. I know a ex-minister who changes to the new Mercedes S-Class every time it is out.

Go and check all your Gerakan leaders and see whether they drive only cars within their means. Otherwise, be a man and check their loan agreements and car registrations.

MC: Tian Chua, you did the right thing by showing them your loan documents and car registration. Now I would like to see the other BN politicians who have been accused of renovating their big mansions, etc, to do the same.

We, the rakyat, want accountable politicians like Tian Chua who can prove their innocence.

Kyw: One look at the number plate should have told Lim it is an old car. If he is not sure, he shouldn’t comment. Perhaps his father is rich and can pay for the damages. Nevertheless, this is not what we want from an MP.

Anonymous_40a7: Gerakan is now on overdrive with character assassinations, thinking that it will save them from the political abyss. Too bad they still don’t realise that such actions are just plain suicidal.

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