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Death Of An Empire

By Dr Nasir Hashim, President PSM

Did I not tell you about this senile Empire ?
   With its pompous guardians constipating at its door steps
      Festered by collusions, greed, profits, demi-gods and lost directions

But did I also not tell you how they fervently dig graves for others ?
     Too sedated and too dumb to realize that’s their very own

Did I tell you how their bastion of power crumbling like nine pins ?
Yet they think that’s progress
So they pride 
     Over slogans, promises and innuendoes  
         Destroying the very dreams that they ever fostered

So the Empire continues to wallow in jaundiced gusto
  Shackling the innocence at every twist and turn of time
     Claiming victory for their flaccid democracy and justice

Now you are witnessing the Empire’s ‘broken chain of command’
   Of misdirected priorities and competing opportunists
       Flip flop decisions, casting aspersions and intense blame games   
         Stumbling to pamper warped truths and spineless agencies
            Clamouring and clawing to ‘catch the eye’ of their master
You should also see within their rabid ranks
How hidden agenda so craftily designed
   To wrest power and refining character assassinations
     Inventing and reinventing scapegoats  
       Conjuring wild scenarios to nurture foul intentions
           Staging a ‘siege mentality’ through traitorous media pimps

So they declared war against their own people
Yet so afraid of repercussion and their own measly shadows
So they shut themselves
     In fortresses of body guards, black magic and gangsters in uniform
         Imbuing demented underlings to do their national biddings

Did you not hear the cries of the down trodden ?
     And the roar of defiance transcending all bounds
         Hacking away the chains of oppression and exploitation
            Persevering through ‘thick and thin’ over smoking gas, chemical waters,
              Battering rams, beaten bodies, cracked head, broken ribs, open wounds and
                 Mammoth arrests

Yet waves upon waves of humanity continue to throttle the Empire
Yet its lackeys  
   Continue to live in denial and lavishing in false comfort
     Clutching desperately onto illusions and blatant lies

So this struggle goes on in ever fiery circle
 Paralyzing the capitalists, opportunists, parasites, jingoists, racists and power brokers

But then, when the Empire and its lackeys are dead and gone
      Will you then resurrect another Empire of the same ?

Nay … the empowered masses will summon the very marrow of your existence
    To deal a crushing blow
       To all pretensions and exploitations. 

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