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60,000 fake ICs: Where’s ISA when we need it?

‘Najib, please don’t remove the Internal Security Act (ISA) just yet, these are exactly the people who should be dealt by it.’

Citizenship applicants told to ‘vote for ruling party’

Pemerhati: Former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad and children – Mukhriz, Marina, etc – according to tradition, where the children take on the ethnicity of their father, are also Indians because his father was the son of an Indian from Kerala.

The Malaysian constitution also allows people like Mahathir, who are Muslims, who speak Malay and follow Malay customs, to call themselves Malays.

To gain power and plunder the country, a lot of people of mixed ethnicity in Umno call themselves Malays so as to endear themselves to the majority Malays.

To get their votes they also play the race and religious card to the hilt. In reality, they have no love or interest in the welfare of the Malays as illustrated by Mahathir’s ‘Project M’ in Sabah.

To win the elections, Mahathir made hundreds of thousands of illegal foreigners ‘bumiputeras’, who will now want an equal share of all the privileges enjoyed by the native Malays. Now PM Najib Razak and Umno seem to be doing the same thing in the peninsula.

Gunner: Did the Home Ministry ask the 700,000 newly-granted citizenships in Sabah to write 150-word written tests? My answer on behalf of Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein: “No. Never.”

Jedi_Who: Not only are the new citizens forced to vote for them, the army and the government workers as well. That is why they are confident of a landslide victory.

Rick Teo: The quest for power and money has led the Umnoputras to sell this country to foreigners. The rakyat has lost faith in Umno and as a desperate measure, Umno has recruited Bangladeshis as citizens so that they can vote for BN.

In a few years’ time, we will have a Bangladeshi PM like we had an Indonesian descent for Selangor MB.

Ghkok:Just say “yes”, get your citizenship (for whatever it’s worth), then vote for Pakatan Rakyat.

Leaked cable: Ex-EC chief issued 60,000 fake ICs

Faz: The leaked cables shed more light on what we had suspected all along. This is the Umno-BN government gone mad with no respect at all for democracy and its citizens. Nobody is above the law of the country. They should be prosecuted and if found guilty, punished.

Fairnessforall: All the 600,000 illegal IC holders should be revoked and they should be sent back to their country. How long will the BN keep denying all the cheating they have done throughout the last 54 years. Enough is enough.

Kgen: Despite having huge advantage in money, media, machinery and the power of incumbency, BN still need to cheat to win elections. It must be a very evil coalition with no real support.

Louis: Just for a fistful of dollars, these people are willing to sell the country. Now it is clear which parties are selfish and which are fighting for the welfare of the rakyat.

No need to prosecute Mat Sabu for his ‘seditious’ statement. It pales in comparison to the act of selling our nation.

Tired: We must be able to separate facts and claims. The stuff in this Wikileaks cable are all unsubstantiated, unproved and unverified claims. Worse, all are based on hearsay and third-person accounts.

But the problem is that everyone thinks whatever leaked by Wikileaks is true, which has proven to be far from the truth in many cases. We have to understand that US diplomats the world over have to send reports and analyses to Washington about their host countries.

They have to file juicy and scandalous reports as they can’t just be sending mundane stuff like about the weather all the time.

Onyourtoes: Tired, what you said is true in general situations and circumstances, but in the case of Sabah, we do not need the leak cable to tell us that there was a conspiracy occurred there.

We just have to take note of everything being said here and there. When the time and the situation are right, we should know who are to be charged for treason and locked up forever.

We can have Twin Towers, Putrajaya, F1 track, and whatever, but we are every inch a third world country run and operated by third world tribal leaders who are parochial, racist, bigot and corrupted to core.

Black Mamba: Najib, please don’t remove the ISA just yet, these are exactly the people who should be dealt by it.

Cannon: The political opposition and civil society organisations should, with the help of the alternative media, bring this issue to the grassroots.

The people should call for a RCI (royal commission of inquiry) and petition our king to intervene. We need an independent probe to get to the bottom of the issue.

The granting of illegal citizenship and issuance of fake ICs to foreigners is a treasonous act and a serious threat to our national security. Malaysians demand the right to know the truth.

AB Sulaiman: This is no longer the smoking gun, it’s the cowboy who actually did the shooting!
Let’s see how the EC (Election Commisson) or the NRD (National Registration Department), or the government can wriggle themselves out of this spot.

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