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The Truth Behind JAIS Raid on Church gathering

The real story behind the raid on the DUMC church by JAIS & the police actually has very little to do with attempts to convert Muslims to Christianity. It has everything to do with Bersih 2.0

Apparently, pastor Daniel Ho hosted Dato Ambiga Sreenevasan & members of the Bersih 2.0 committee in DUMC sometime last week. The police & the Special Branch were outside the church recording everything.
Ambiga & her Bersih committee members are under constant surveillance by Bukit Aman ever since the Bersih rally.

Christians have largely voiced their support for Bersih from the very beginning. Since last week Hishamuddin, the home minister has been in touch with Hasan Ali through their proxies on finding a way to teach pastor Daniel Ho & the Christian community a lesson for supporting Bersih. The Harapan Komuniti thanksgiving dinner was selected as a good option to intimidate the pastor of the DUMC church.

Pastor Daniel Ho & the DUMC church were selected as a target of choice as pastor Daniel Ho is a leading member of the evangelical Christian community & the DUMC church is a well respected establishment.
Hishamuddin wanted to show that he was not afraid to take anyone on. That is why the police could not produce a warrant or JAIS produce a copy of the complaint. Hishamuddin has always thought of himself as above the law & is the law.

Party leaders of MCA & UMNO were informed in advance of this raid & were advised to prepare statements to link the Opposition with the “unjust” raid on the DUMC church. This is nothing more than an effort to conceal the link between Hishamuddin & Hasan Ali. Ultimately, Hishamuddin & UMNO regard Bersih as the biggest threat to their political future. Any support for Bersih therefore must be nipped in the bud. The accusations of attempts to proselytize Muslims by the DUMC church is just a distraction from the actual truth.

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