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Tombonuo association praises on Rahim Bakri’s leadership

By Raymond Tombung
Datuk Rahim Bakri together with Akians and other PBTPS leaders
delivering rice to the villagers of Kg. Tombonuo
PITAS: The president of the Sabah Pitas Tombonuo People’s Association (PBTPS), En. Akian Ahkiew expressed his association’s appreciation and gratitude for the dynamic leadership of Kudat’s Member of Parliament, Datuk Rahim Bakri.
In his speech at the meet-the-people’s session at Kg. Tombilidion here recently, Akian as the president of the association which organized the event, hailed Rahim’s leadership as progressive and caring towards the current situation and needs of the people of Kudat.
Datuk Rahim Bakri, right, whispers something to Akian
“Even at this event today, he is demonstrating his concern by handing over assistances to the people in the forms of materials and cash.” Akian said. “We appreciate this as a much needed help for the people to lessen their burden.”
To the Tombonuo dancers who helped bring the Sumanggak dance to the Malaysia Book of Records recently, Akian urged them to accept the cash incentive from Rahim as a motivation for higher achievements in the future, especially in the promotion of the Tombonuo’s culture. “I congratulated you for your efforts in bringing our dance to the national level in the dance marathon last month,” he told them.
He said that the association had set up a cultural bureau to work for the promotion of the Tombonuo culture not only at the state level, but also to the national and international levels. He also hoped that with the help from the Barisan Nasional government the Tombonuo people of Pitas will be able to raise their economic status by participating in the rapid development process going in the Pitas district.
“If this is achieved most of the economic problems faced by the Tombonuo people, especially in the matter of food supply will be solved. We would like to see the people producing food beyond their needs to enable them to commercialise their produces, and that way raise their income,” he said while expressing confidence that all these must already be within the government’s economic planning, under Rahim, for the Kudat region.
In the event the audience could participate in
traditional sports, such as tug of war
“We would like to put it on record our undivided support for Datuk Rahim’s leadership,” he said to the applause of the people present numbering around 350. In the event, Rahim presented sacks of rice, distributed cash assistances, and announced that the allocations for the repair of the Kg. Tombilidon community hall, and the upgrading of the road to Kg. Dandun will be released as soon as possible.

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