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Sabah a training ground for new recruits

KOTA KINABALU, August 27, 2011: SAPP said the federal government should stop treating Sabah as a training ground of newly civil servants who are recruited in Peninsula as well as for promoting those officials who nearing retirement.

Its Deputy President Datuk Eric Majimbun said this is still continue to be practised by the federal government, using the excuse that the state lack of people qualified for filling the available federal posts, despite the fact that there are too many qualified Sabahans for the purpose.

"This even happened in the judicial department in Sabah where magistrates are also imported from the peninsula, and even kampung librarian posts also goes to people from the peninsula…I consider this a tactic by the federal to ensure Sabah and its people to remain "forever depending on the federal"," he said, in a statement, Friday.

Eric, who is also Sepanggar MP, said State is celebrating its 48th independence this year but all these shows the people here are still incompetent to even do the job as a librarian.

"I know whenever we say things like this the federal will say it is in-lined with the 1Malaysia spirit, but what is so 1Malaysia when there are many Malaysians in Sabah who are more than qualified but are not given a chance to hold the federal posts in the State, even after they have applied for the posts," he said.

He said there are even many Sabahans who are already in the federal civil service but have remained holding the same post or stagnant even after they become seniors in their respective department or agency until the time they go for retirement.

"The federal must be serious in appointing locals from either Sabah or Sarawak who knows best the local cultural and tradition…the many local graduates must not continue to be ignored, as they are also competent if not more competent than those from the peninsula," he said.

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