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Psm And The Third Force

While the Third Force in Malaysian politics is trying to garner its candidates for the next general elections, the most obvious choices have been provided by the proven leaders of the Parti Sosialis Malaysia.
They have at least seven capable leaders who are suitable as candidates for Parliament, namely: Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj, Dr Nasir Hashim, S Arutchelvam, M Saraswathy, Choo Chon Kai, Rani Rasiah, and K Kunasekaran.

In the 2008 general elections, PSM's Dr Kumar (right) stood and won the Sungai Siput constituency against MIC President Samy Vellu.

It is time for PSM to move forward and put more capable socialist leaders in Parliament at the next general elections.

I see no reason why their Chairman Dr Nasir Hashim and their Secretary General Arutchelvam should not be unanimous choices of the opposition alliance to stand for Parliament.

These PSM leaders listed above easily meet the conditions set by the Third Force of being principled and they are not liable to become toads, donkeys or moronic oxen, or be seduced by careerism.

Stringent standards

Their party has more stringent standards than the Third Force has elicited so far - a platform set on a socialist road to development and based on direct action and peoples' empowerment.

Furthermore, these PSM leaders have a proven record of serving the people for many years and have sacrificed their freedoms for their principles. They do not have any odour of opportunism that many politicians have.

Such a socialist alternative is the differentia specifica that marks the Third Force from the BN or Pakatan.

Its first objective is the overthrow of the BN regime that has divided and oppressed the Malaysian peoples since Independence and thrived on neo-liberal capitalist exploitation.

As in the 2008 general elections, PSM / Third Force has forged a strategic alliance with Pakatan which is committed to overthrowing the BN coalition and to reinstating our basic freedoms, liberal democracy and human rights.

In the course of this strategic alliance and knowing the sizeable number of defections from Pakatan Rakyat to BN after the 2008 elections, we hope that Pakatan will compromise realistically with the Third Force when the time comes for candidates' selection.

Independent candidates selection committee

Pakatan often criticises the BN for not forming truly independent committees to solve public issues.

In this respect and to avoid the usual horse trading and bad form it gives the federal opposition, we hope that Pakatan / Third Force will accept an 'Independent Peoples' Candidates' Selection Committee' to objectively vet the suitability of the peoples' candidates for the 13th general elections.

After all, it is an accepted fact that the 2008 tsunami was more the Malaysian peoples' disgust with the BN than their love for Pakatan.

Respected leaders among the NGOs will be the most suitable impartial members of this committee. In the process, this will also help Pakatan by minimising the bickering that happens during the inter-party negotiations before every general election.
After the downfall of BN, the struggle against neo-liberal capitalism will certainly go on under a Pakatan government as we fight for the rights and interests of the people and strive for a socialist path of development.

Pakatan has not renounced neo-liberal policies which have allowed multi-national corporations and the big companies to plunder the country's resources, buying up privatised resources at rock bottom prices.

Cheap labour

Powerful capitalist interests control our resources and markets and thrive on the cheap labour of Malaysian workers and migrant labour.

The price has been paid by workers and the poor whose living standards continue to be pushed downwards.

This resistance to unrestrained neo-liberalism is led by socialists who try to empower oppressed people in the process of democratic participatory socialism.

Popular democratic participation is not just in economic but also political institutions. There is a need for state intervention and nationalisation of basic resources such as oil and gas; utilities such as water, energy; health, education and social services.

Unfettered capital transfers by speculators and finance capitalists must also be checked.

Socialists believe that real democracy will never be attained merely through periodic general elections and relying on Parliament alone.
The basis of democratic planning in a socialist order is through direct action and mass movement for there to be true grassroots democracy.

Power should be based on the self-organisation of workers and other communities in their struggle against capital. Directly elected workplace and community councils take responsibility for their own affairs and this is linked to decisions for society at large.

In the spirit of enlightened progress, Pakatan should welcome this battle of ideas for the hearts and minds of the people.

But first, let us work together toward the overthrow of this corrupt and oppressive BN government!

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