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Perkasa: Why bother with Christian votes?


"IT IS reported in today's Malaysiakini that the Secretary General of PERKASA, Syed Hassan Syed Ali said that Muslim leaders in the country are 'starving' for Christian votes, as a result of which they have to compromise their dignity as Muslims.

He added that, "there are only 9% Christians, why bother with their votes?. At the same time, he also demanded that Christian teachers should not be allowed to teach in national schools."

I am skeptical as to the statistics that there are only 9% Christian voters in Malaysia. Whatever it is, a democratic country must not allow prevalence of the majority's interests at the expense of the minority, otherwise democracy would be used as a tool by the majority to oppress the minority.

In our multi racial, multi religion and multi cultural society, if all communities are racial supremacists who only care about their own interests and nothing else, we will not lose dignity as Muslims, Christians, Buddists, Taoists or Hindu, but we all will lose our dignity and pride as Malaysians.

It is simply ridiculous to suggest prohibition of Christian teachers in national schools as that will work against national integration.

You will recall the incident that 8 Ketua Kampung in Kudat were sacked without my knowledge as the Tanjong Kapor State Assemblyman last year. After pursuing the matter, 4 of them were reinstated, one had since passed away, another one was not able to continue his service due to health reason, the other 2 subsequently obtained my recognition. However, the little Napoleon Haji Harun Bidin still sits as the District Chief of Kudat.

I did raise this issue in the State Barisan Nasional (BN) meeting in August last year and was promised that a committee would be set up to handle it along with other issues in relation to political appointments. A year has passed and nothing has been done todate.

Sometime in June this year, this little Napoleon again repeated his stunt and caused to replace a Ketua Anak Negeri in my constituency. The new appointee is one of his boys who followed him in sabotaging BN in the 2008 General Election in Kudat.

For this ‘Little Napoleo’n to be so arrogant, I think there must be a 'Napoleon' protecting him fom behind. Whoever this 'Napoleon' is, if he sees it fit to sacrifice the BN interests for his private pleasure, then he is not fit to be a BN leader!

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