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A note from Antwerp: On the London riots spreading to the continent

By Cedric Daanvey
ANTWERP, Belgium: One thing that bothers us all here now, is the extreme violence the UK is experiencing.

Some say it may spread to the continent as well, as in my town 10 cars were set on fire in the past few days.

Wonder who did that, probably not Belgians. We also have our annual street riots (instigated by northern African muslims) but Europe has rarely experienced street violence of this magnitude. So, touch wood our major towns will be spared. But you know: monkey see, monkey do.

It hurts to see that decent people are trying to defend their neighbourhoods, but getting attacked and even killed by the perpetrators (like the Asian threesome defending their shop).

It is very painful to see that one of the most powerful nations in the world, the UK, cannot contain the violence caused by teenaged lowlifes. But then again, they ought to crack down hard on them, rather than resorting to soft conventional British policing methods, as defending their citizens seems to have become an impossible task.

And just like the Norwegian shooter wrote, people are starting to say our multicultural societies have failed. And the UK set ablaze is the proof.

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  1. Europe is under seige of its own making...letting in violent immigrants..


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