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Federal Highway Vs Sabah Highway


DAP Sabah Parliamentary Liaison Chief, Dr Benjamin Yapp who is also DAP Sabah Rural Development Bureau Chief made a journey from Kota Kinabalu via Ranau, Tulipid, Kota Kinabatangan, Lahad Datu, Kunak, Balung enroute to Tawau town on August 7, 2011 to conduct a general survey on the current situations and the conditions of country roads along the Federal highways.

He founded that despite the road infrastructure development along the Federal highways that were quite satisfactory but there were many parts of the country side and rural areas still having poor road conditions, particularly Kundasang, Batu 32, Tulipid, certain portions along Jalan Kota Kinabatangan, and Mile 16, Andrass, Tawau.

Dr Benjamin Yapp made a visit to Kampung Kuilu Baru, Batu 13, Andrass, Tawau after having numerous public complaints from the local residents that the stretch along the road leading to Kampung Kuilu Baru, Mile 13, Andrassy, Tawau was in a very bad shape.

There were many potholes and water-blogged areas along the stretch leading to several kampongs was badly in need of repairs. The local residents complained to DAP Sabah that despite of their appeals to the local authorities concerned but no actions had been made.

They lamented that their cars frequently broke down with their car absorbers and other component parts were adversely affected because of the many potholes and cracks along the partially sealed country road from the junction of Jalan Andrassy, Mile 13, Apas, Tawau.

School pupils had to walk many kilometers to SRK Andrassy along the badly damaged and muddy road. Besides this, the rural earth-gravel road conditions at Mile 16, Andrassy had not been upgraded for many decades since the Berjaya era.

Until the present time, there had not been any improvement in the rural road infrastructure despite the Government made promises to allocate Billion of Ringgit for rural infrastructure development. The people of the rural areas were deprived of a better standard of living without basic rural infrastructures and adequate amenities.

DAP Sabah urged the local authority concerned, and the State Assemblyman for Apas Balung to look into the problems of the local residents at Kampung Kuilu Baru, Mile 13, Andrassy, Tawau and Mile 16, Andrassy, Apas, Tawau to repair and upgrade the bad road conditions in these areas.

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