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Norway killing spree from European eye

By Cedric Daanvey

ANTWERP, Belgium:
Last Friday (July 22, 2011) we were all shocked in Europe to hear that a guy shot 90 teenagers in Norway. Everyone condemns the incidents fiercely, yet I noticed during the interviews that many of the victims were not Norwegian, as I thought before. They were many youngsters from what appears to be muslim origin!!!

The news messages speak of the political heart of Norway being hit, because the island event where the youngsters attended was organised by the Norwegian Socialist Party. What impressed me, is that a huge amount of their members are foreigners, apparently muslim foreigners more in particular!

It dawned on me that many of the Belgian socialist party members are also muslims (of course, where else should they be politically active: not the christian party, cos of the religion, and not the right wing parties either, cos they are not too keen on muslims).

I think that Brevik went berserk, as he saw Norway evolving towards a country where muslims are gradually becoming the decision makers and I can imagine Norway faces the same problem like elsewhere in Europe: formerly peaceful countries where human rights are paramount but suffering from increasing street violence and crime caused by muslims.

In addition, these very countries feel the imposing nature of their muslim citizens: they impose their will onto the Europeans, rather than respectfully obeying European/christian traditions and laws.
Just like Belgium, Norway is a country where human rights, the environment etc. (tree-hugging subjects the Americans would say) is more important than anything else, but just a lot worse. Norway is more peaceful than Belgium, the maximum prison sentence there is a mere 21 years!!! In Norway, a guy like me would easily end up in jail for speeding for instance, but a man who robs a bank or rapes a woman would be treated by psychologists and get minimum jail time! And because they are acting like a bunch of ******* (forgive my language) the muslim flooding is just a walk-over!!!
Seeing all this, a conservative and mentally ill christian like this Brevik, who was full of pent-up emotion, and coupled to his serious mental problem caused him to start a killing spree. A similar case happened several years ago in Antwerp: a young boy shot two muslims at random in broad daylight, because he hated them. The Norwegian guy just did it over, en masse.
As long as this northern European soft treatment of muslims carries on, more things like this may happen. But it will have an adverse effect anyway: muslims will get even more attention now and they will stand up for their rights even more, causing the Europeans to kowtow to them! People like Brevik fear this will ultimately lead to full muslim occupation in several decades, and he might just be right.

He tried to make a point with his heinous crime. I remember a similar thing happening in Mumbai, India where muslims killed many foreigners (christian and hindu). Norway experienced it the other way round.
Ever since my childhood I was brought up with the notion to be kind to other peoples. I was instilled with human rights since I went to primary school, yet it caused most people to have a distorted view of reality (like most politicians here) and when one is blind to see the facts, he will trip and fall. (And that is also why in many western christian countries, your (Sabah and Sarawak)case is not listened to).
This is my view on the horror in Norway and I guess it makes perfect sense. Only for the policymakers to figure this out ...

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