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Nilakrisna Launches Bingkor Youth Premier League

Nilakrisna James with finalists of Bingkor Youth Premier League
Bingkor, Sabah—Lawyer and rights activist, Nilakrisna James, founded and launched the Bingkor Youth Premier League (BYPL) by kicking off the 1st round of the BYPL 2011 Tournament for the “BYPL Cup” held at the S.K. Bunga Raya football field between 30th April to 1st May.

Six teams participated in the 1st round of the 9-a-side football tournament comprising
Tonobon Baru FC from Bunga Raya; PGN ORI FC from Pegansangan; Melidang FC from Bunga Raya; Mengiton FC from Mengitom Baru; Face Book FC from Bunga Raya and Luanti FC from Apin-Apin.

Champion for the 1st Round was Face Book FC with 1st Runner Up Luanti, 2nd Runner Up Tonobon Baru and 3rd Runner Up PGN ORI. Azizul Lawrince grabbed the title of ‘Best Player’, Jaswan Omernus as ‘Best Scorer’ and Tonobon Baru as ‘Best Team’.

Face Book FC will proceed to the Finals to be held in October this year with 4 more rounds to go that will see other League teams compete in the next few months in Marampong, Apin Apin and Bingkor.

BYPL’s Founder and Chairman, Nilakrisna, encouraged the youth participants to engage in healthy sports activities and include girls in all future tournaments. “Football is not a boy’s sport but a social activity that will engage healthy camaraderie between the sexes and I encourage you to highlight women participation in all your future sports activities. You must also shed off this unfortunate reputation that rural youths here are suffering from social ills, alcoholism and drug abuse and show the enterprising side of you that is hardly highlighted in the media. Make it your mission to develop your self-confidence and raise your status in society,” said Nilakrisna in her opening speech to the participants.

She added that the team players comprise small entrepreneurs and workers in rubber plantations, students, civil servants and farmers with ambitions to compete in state level football tournaments. “The teams are seeking an avenue to enter state-level tournaments and this is one way in which we can identify strong local teams from this district. They need better facilities in some of these rural communities and in Kampung Bunga Raya parts of the road need sealing and the school football field needs to be levelled with proper drainage and goal posts. It’s in bad shape. Talent can only be nurtured if these youths have access to a conducive environment for sports and recreation in every kampung district. If you’re proud of where you come from, you naturally strive for excellence,” Nilakrisna said in her press statement.

Nilakrisna is assisted in the BYPL by League Manager, Juse Reoyston, and Team Coach, Lisau George. “Several activities and programs in sports, environment and leadership training are on the drawing board for our premier league teams this year so as to engender a sense of personal responsibility in community development and the rise of a civil society in the rural interior of Sabah. I will share my knowledge and teach them the ropes of volunteerism,” said Nilakrisna, who has held leadership roles in several NGOs including Junior Chamber International, the Environmental Action Committee, the Sabah Cultural Board, the Sabah Law Association, the Quality Restroom Association Malaysia (Sabah), the Sabah Anglers Association and the United Borneo Front.

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