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Finalist Unduk Ngadau 2011

Adlynn Villson

Debra Fiona Alexius

Jaura Jacklind Jeffrey

Lydiana Denno

Janet Jahudin

Caroline Anthony

Gurjit Kaur Sandhu

Femela Freddy Liyong

Luvena Christy Alius

Carolynda Binti Sahaban

Reccyka Bonar

Evoline Lim

Frederica Fabian Peter

Jovenea Jim Lajim

Edrona Edohan

Alexandria Paulus Masamil

Shorline Burman

Nillsey Debbie Sening

Cyleestah Jausin

Deenah @ Diana Deliman

Folly Nelvnia Soljin

Ervennie Paumin

Petronilancia Miun

Sonia Jane Janiur

Tracy Lim

Angela Carrol Chin Fat

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  1. You are all beautiful girls.I praise the Lord for creating you so beautiful.Please remember always that we are only pilgrims on this temporal earth: at the end of our pilgrimage we will all have to face our CREATOR in the last judgement,WHO will assign us to our final destination in accordance to our very own choice.Please seek the TRUTH!


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