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Why i won't vote for BN, from a Telang Usan native

By Bali Sungai

Why I won’t vote for BN.
1.       There is NO MAJOR DEVELOPMENT especially in Telang Usan. OK..Ya...ya  ... there are some schools (..but not enough local Orang Asal teachers/head masters...) and clinics (...but no doctors...). The TEACHERS & HEADMASTERS in the long houses are not Orang Asal and do not have the same culture and belief like the Orang Asal. 

2.       There are NO PROPER ROADS ... except for dirt/timber roads built by timber companies (to extract timbers) and by Palm Oil Plantation giants. These roads are NOT MAINTAINED and are abandoned when the timbers in those locations are finished or logged. Lapok Road *% ... ahh don’t want to talk about it. 

3.       Orang Asal DI ANAK TIRI KAN.  Development Programs (i.e. roads, agricultural projects, whatever schemes etc) done in other areas that are not populated by Orang Asal. Despite having a small population, town like Mukah are being developed ... there are some infrastructures but there are no human beings .

4.       SARAWAK DI ANAK TIRI KAN compared to the states in Malaya. Oh God ... don’t know what to say. I have travelled the whole of Malaysia and also to other developing & developed nations, and I have studied/stayed/lived/worked in Malaya for more than 10 years. My heart cries whenever I go back to Sarawak. The infrastructures, roads, facilities ... and development are way behind compared to Malaya. Here I can drive up all the way to the Ulu.

5.       LANDS, inclusive of ”Temuda”,  Virgin Forest (“Tuan”)etc,  that the Orang Asal depended on are given to Timber Companies and Palm Oil Plantations. 

6.       There are NO MORE TIMBER to built houses or “sampan” and NO MORE JUNGLE PRODUCTS or “Bavui / Babui / Mabi “ or “Payau/Payo”. 

7.       NO MORE LANDS to be developed by capable Orang Asal who want to develop the land themselves. I personally want to go back to the Long House and develop the lands that are available ... if any. But now, sad and angry to say that ... my Long House is an island surrounded by Palm Oil Plantations with no more “Tuan”.

8.       NO LAND TITLE given to Orang Asal in Telang Usan. LAND TITLES for lands that the Orang Asal depended on in Telang Usan given to Non-Orang Asal.

9.       The ENVIRONMENTS are POLLUTED due to the so called development by BN i.e. Palm Oil Plantations and Timber Industries. The rivers are muddy, filled with logs, and the banks are eroded...What is the Government or DOE doing about this?

10.   Despite being the majority in Sarawak, Orang Asal are not given the opportunity to LEAD some of Government Ministries or “Jabatan” or GLC. Almost all the “Jabatan Kerajaan” are led by non-Orang Asal despite having capable Orang Asal. BN development create jobs opportunities . .. ya...ya.. to the Indon/Bugis/Bangla Laborer. Orang Asal don’t want to work for RM15/day.

11.   “Ketua Kaum” elected by BN instead of the rakyat. Most of these “Ketua Kaum” are “puppet” to the BN and cronies/timber companies.

12.   MASS MEDIA controlled by BN and these media are used to campaigned for BN all year long. After a while ... ahh..fed up of listening to the propaganda.

13.   The PROPOSED DAM will flood/submerge several Long Houses and the Lands that the Orang Asal depended on. Habislah Orang Asal Baram if that happen... no more land and on top of that there will be Social Impacts and Environmental Impacts. Lessons Learnt from the Orang Asal in Bakun?? ...Don’t have to detailed out what? ... You guess what happened or are happening to their livelihood now? 

14.   Cost for Projects are inflated e.g. road/bridge that cost let say RM1mil awarded to cronies at much higher prices. One third of my salary is used to pay income tax. I won’t mind if the money are used wisely.
15. Taib Mahmood ... I don't like his speeches, vision (or lack of it), and the way he responded to questions/inquiries during dialog sessions on TV or radio. Malu hear our leader (Taib) talk /response !!!! Wonder why we ask this guy to lead all these years?????
May Allah bless us. Puji Tuhan.

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